How To Make Animated GIF Videos

GIFs are a great way to spice up your otherwise plain videos. If you are looking to add on some edgy comic feel to your video, animated GIFs would be a much loved choice. These are fun to work with and will promise an equally awesome experience for your viewers. Now, you might be wondering that how to make your own animated GIF videos? Well, much to your delight, there are video converter software options today that can transform your GIF dreams into reality. The article here offers a short note on how to make GIF videos with the converter software programs.

How To Make Animated GIF  Videos

Download & Install

Your first task is to download a good converter software program in your computer and install it as per the installation instructions. Make sure to get a comparative study on 4-6 converter software programs to find out the most reputed and compatible one for you. The one you take to should be backed a vast and happy user base.

Add the Video

After you install the converter software in your computer, choose a video file to be converted. Click on Add Video tab to select the file that you wish to convert as a GIF video.

Choose the Required Fragment

You will find markers below the video file in preview window. Use those to select the required area on your video to transform into GIF image.

Choose GIF Format

Now, it’s time to select the GIF format for your video. The software program would feature something like “Convert to” roster. Click on it and go to Image formats. Pick the GIF option. Then, you would have to specify your GIF size. You will find a Settings tab on the converter program. Click on that to adjust frame rate, frame size, resize method & quality.

Start the Conversion

Finally, it’s time to start the conversion process on your computer. The converter software program will have an option like “Convert”. Click on that & wait till the process gets over. When the conversion is complete, the output GIF video would open up automatically.

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