How To Make Your Own Eye Candy Dog Collar


Indeed, shopping a pre-made delightful dog collar is too expensive. But it doesn’t stop others from buying the best for their pets especially dogs. On the other hand, if you want to be creative and stylish, with your artistic mind, right kind of collar, and the necessary supplies, it is really possible to make your own charming dog collar.

1. You must choose what kind of design you want for your collar. You can add floral and jewel embellishments, charms, hand painting or even adding a permanent neckerchief.

2. Choose what type of collar you want to go with. The two most famous styles of collars are leather or vinyl or woven.

3. Shop the needed materials to complete the project. Make sure that the collar is the proper size for the dog and for the planned design.

4. Draw on paper where to place the selected decorative items onto the dog collar.

5. You have to glue the ribbon flowers and leaves onto the dog collar with permanent adhesive following the drafted sketch. Group the flowers around the center of the collar; spread them out over the length of it, or to take a more asymmetrical design.

6. Set faux jewels on the collar as planned in the sketch. This can be styled in various ways. They can be pasted onto the collar with permanent glue that is appropriate to the collars material. Prepared sequins can be ironed onto a woven or fabric collar following the directions of the brand kind for those jewels. The jewels can also be set into the collar with the help of a device that sets metal claws that hold the jewels in place.

7. You can attach the bracelet slides onto the dog collar. These slides can be letters, numbers or simple designs such as star, heart or cross.

8. You can attach the charm to the collar. There are a lot of online and local pet stores that sell specialized charms that can be attached to a collar. Most of them vary in styles, colors and materials.

9. You can also try hand painting the design to the leather or vinyl collar using paints that are appropriate to its material. One of the best designs you can style is the geometric patterns.

10. Sew a neckerchief for the collar. It is very easy to do. It can be made out of an existing handkerchief or any type of fabric. Cut out a triangle the proper size for the dog in question. Trim the long pointed ends away. Hem around the handkerchief or pink the edges to prevent fraying. Make a slot at the top of the kerchief by folding the fabric over making a pocket just large enough for the collar to slip through. Glue the openings closed over the collar. offers designer dog clothes and dog accessories for pet parents who truly want high style for their fur baby. Our luxury pet boutique products will make your fur baby the envy of the canine fashion world. FunnyFur is by far the best dog clothing site online today.