How To Pass Your Practical Driving Test

The easiest to procure practical driving test is online. You will be able to check if your preferred date and time is available and book it there and then. You can also book by telephone or post if you prefer. The best way to learn is by combining your professional lessons with private practice.
ADI 14
Try to get as much experience on the road as you can. On average those who pass the test have done about 45 professional lessons and about 20 hours of private practice.

On the day of the test you’ll need to take these with you: your photo diving license (including your paper counterpart) and your theory test passed if you can. Remember these or you will not be able to take the test.

When you get to the test center your examiner will check for your paperwork in the waiting room. They will also ask you if you would like your driving instructor or a company drive to come with your test and be there at the end for the results and feedback. This is beneficial for your driving development so don’t forget to talk with your instructor. And make sure that they know, this is what you would like to happen.

And you will be asked to do a controlled stop. On several occasions the examiner will ask you to stop on the left. This is to ensure you can stop and move always safely.

Your test will last about 38 to 40 minutes. You will do an eyesight test, be asked some safety questions and then go out on the road.

You may also be asked to demonstrate an emergency stop. This will be called out, again randomly, in one out of three driving tests. You’ll drive in various road and traffic conditions and also be asked to drive independently for approximately 10 minutes added by following road traffic signs or a series of variable directions or perhaps a combination of both.

You will also be asked to complete one of the following reversing maneuvers: turn in the road, parallel parking, either on the road side or intra-parking by the test center, reversing around a corner. One exercise will be selected at random by the examiner, but you should’ve been practicing all of them with your instructor or your accompanying driver.

If you drive the standard required, you will pass. If you make more than 15 driving faults or commit to a series or dangerous faults, within time you will fail.

Remember, if you are prepared when you go for your test, you shouldn’t find it difficult. If you didn’t have your instructor or your accompanying driver with you on your test, you can now call them over to hear your result and listen to the examiner’s feedback.

Pass or fail, your examiner will give you feedback on your driving; including eco-safe driving which helps protect the environment and may save you money.

If you’re successful, you may be able to have your full license sent to you automatically. To do this you will need to leave your provisional driving license with your examiner. You should receive your full license within 3 weeks.

Did you know that once you pass your test, you can get further driving lessons that could save you money on your insurance. It’s called the Pass Plus course and can bring you insurance down by a lot of money, especially if you are a new or young driver.

Guest post bio: James is a car enthusiast and loves the open road.