How To Plan A Successful Prom

For high school seniors, as their final semester ends, prom is all there is in their heads. Prom committees are usually organised at this point. They should have by now taken all the major steps to plan such an event. It is a task which often goes both unrewarded and unrecognized. But when the event flops, the committee members will take the heat for it. How’s that fair? Regardless,, here are some steps you can take to make sure the big night doesn’t flop.

When to Start

What is the appropriate time to start thinking about prom? As ridiculous as it may, start a full year before prom. There are many things that have to be taken care of. They’ll be best served if you do them one at a time, hence start a full year beforehand. Here are some things to take into account.

Select Committee Members and Sub-committees

To be honest, there can be no prom without the prom committee. Having a right leader will greatly influence the event. The committee should consist of various student volunteers and advisors.

Set a Reachable, Realistic Budget

Start by gathering detailed information about all the costs you’ll incur. This is a reasonable estimate of what the budget should be. Consider the different ways in which you’ll raise the money, like sponsoring and fund-raising. Then and only then can you accurately determine exactly how much you should price the tickets.

How To Plan A Successful Prom

Set an Acceptable Date

This is also a very difficult task, because you have to things like holidays, sporting events, school activities, even other high school proms into account. Selecting a date considering all these factors well in advance can be a nightmare. You’ll almost never be able to appease every single person with the date you’ve picked, but that’s just the way it is.

Select the Right Venue

After your budget and date wrangling, you need to select the correct location. Find a facility which can hold a large crowd easily. Can it accommodate all the dancing and various other forms of entertainment? Another thing to take into account is that most venues don’t host proms on weekends as they may conflict with other events like weddings. Confirm a venue as early as possible.

Select a Theme

Having lots of people wearing long evening dresses doesn’t make a prom. Selecting a theme is an important decision for the committee to take. A theme can make the prom stand out and make it memorable. Think of the mood you want to set when you select the theme, be it fun, romantic or mysterious. A good prom theme depends on the title, decorations and, of course, the song. Having a great committee really helps here.