How To Preserve Memories Of Your Babies

Every new mom wants to preserve the first few years of her child’s life, and there are many different ways of doing so. Depending on what your interests are, there are a multitude of ways you can preserve your child’s first few years for yourself or to show them when they are older. From photographs, to journals, you can get your creative juices flowing when it comes to documenting your child’s early life. If you haven’t thought about how you want to document the first few years, here are a few great ways to get you started and to help you choose what creative way of preserving your child’s memories is right for you.
How To Preserve Memories Of Your Babies


Most parents love to use a camera to preserve their child’s first years. Taking photographs is easy and a great way to document your baby’s childhood. Not only are photographs something you can look at as soon as they are printed or uploaded onto your computer, they last a lifetime. Whether you have a small digital camera or a heavy duty DSLR, it doesn’t matter when capturing the memories of your baby in the bath for the first time or a day at the park.

Another great thing about photographs is that you can either get them printed or keep them on your computer. Eventually you can use them however you want to, in a digital picture frame, or enlarge and print them to put up in your house. You can also send them digitally to your family, especially if they are in another state or abroad.


Some people are more inclined to grab a video camera and document their child’s every moment. With a video camera you can capture everything, from the first time your baby tries solid food to when he or she first starts to walk. Parents don’t necessarily need a video camera to capture their baby’s every movement because now you have a camera on your smart phone, tablet, etc. Having video readily available on your mobile devices helps you capture moments and share them instantly with your family and friends.

Journals, Scrap Books

Some parents like to get a little more creative and start journals and scrap books. The great thing about journals and scrap books is that you can decorate them as you like, or you can go out and pick up a journal or scrap book at any bookstore and start from there.

Blogs and Websites

In our digital age, many parents find it easier to digitally document everything. If you take pictures and videos with your smart phone or tablet, you can easily upload the images and videos to your blog or your baby’s website. There are many programs on the internet that create digital scrap books and journals that you can easily use and other programs where you can directly upload your photos and videos to any of your social media sites to share with family and friends.

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