How to Restore your Decking to its Natural Beauty

Has the long winter taken its toll on your garden furniture and decking? Is it dirty or has it turned grey? If so then read these two step plan to restore your exterior furniture or decking to it previous ways.


Step 1 – Cleaning

Before you start applying the treatment products on your decking, you should prepare the timber surface by making sure that it is completely clean from anything which might have affected it over the past year. This will help you in the next step as you will be opening up the wood pores and you can achieve maximum adhesion of the stain or oil coating.

The easiest way to clean your decking is using a quality decking cleaner like the one Ronseal provides which you’ll be able to buy from your local DIY store.

Use a broomstick to clean the timber, let the cleaner saturate for the time which is mentioned on the product and then allow to dry. Now you are able to start thinking of the products you want to place on your wood?

Step 2 – Colouring and protecting

There are different types of decking treatment on the market but Ronseal are one of the leading brands in DIY and offer a great range of products for exterior furniture. Normally it is good to stick with a product with a name of what you trust as normally the better quality products give the best results.

Decking stain and Decking oils are both made to protect wood. The main difference between the two is that Decking Oil’s nourish your wood by replacing the natural and essential oils and this results in a much more natural finish but you will require more maintenance tehn if you go for a decking stain.

Decking stain will give a more opaque finish and it will protect your decking or furniture for much longer then Decking oil. To apply, once the surface is dry from cleaning and you are quite certain that you will be a getting a couple of days of nice weather, apply evenly along the boards by using a pad or paint roller. I think one of the key things to make sure you are aware of is the drying time on the product packaging before applying the second coat.

For more information on the decking oil by Ronseal mentioned please click here.