How to Select the Best Sperm Bank

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a sperm bank. Let’s look at them one by one.

Direct Shipping of Sperm

It is best if the sperm bank can ship directly to the client home or the physician office. The sperm can be stored safely in the shipping tank for up to 7 days before thawing. They can also be stored at the physician’s office in a cryopreservation tank.

Availability of Additional Sperm Vials

You should have the ability to obtain additional vials of semen from the donor if you want more children in the future. Storing extra vials is the only way to ensure donor availability in the future. Determine if the sperm bank charges differently for different donors. It is best if your sperm bank does not differentiate among donors – meaning all donors are equally healthy.


Reliability of Sperm Banks and Availability of Donors

Sometimes sperm banks use donors as advertisements in their catalogue that are not yet available. Choose a sperm bank that catalogues available donors. Check to see if the cryobank limits donor vials. Check to see if the sperm bank has an open donor program. Some programs allow donors to state their intent to respond to a contact from offspring when the child turns adult.

Donor Variety

Also consider if the sperm bank allows a variety of donor selection to satisfy diverse client needs. If so then this makes the selection process easier. Find out more about the sperm banks donor screening. Ideally the sperm bank should follow FDA approved screenings including genetic screenings and tests for infectious diseases. How selective a sperm bank is in taking donors is also very important. Choosing sperm donors should be a well thought out and detailed process.

Genetic Counseling

Having access to full time genetic counselors via the sperm bank is an important factor. Genetic counselors screen donor applicants and clients are helped with understanding the donor family medical history. Consider if your sperm bank has full time genetic counselors working with them.

Primary Activity of The Bank

Is the primary activity of the business sperm banking? If so they are highly focused on the work of sperm banking. You will receive your money’s worth from such a firm. Also check if the sperm bank is owned and operated by a physician. This results in high ethical standards and best practices.


Also consider how long the sperm bank has been operating. Experience pays and has no alternative. Sperm banks must have a superb track record. The freezing technique and donor sperm quality determines the experience you have with a sperm bank. Don’t compromise on quality.


In addition to considering all of the above when choosing a sperm bank also consider if the sperm bank is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). The accreditation process is stringent. The open-identity option the sperm bank offers is an important issue for choice. Every bank has its own policies. Question how the communication between bank and donor is made over time via open identity and anonymously.

In Sum

It is important to choose a bank that tracks outcomes as well. In addition find out the bank’s offspring limits and see whether you are comfortable with them. In simple words selecting the right sperm bank requires finding out various aspects of its operation and a detailed evaluation of banks will enable you to select the right one for you.

This is a guest post by Kate Simmons, a part-time blogger and full time health enthusiast. Kate currently writes on behalf of California Cryobank, that is a full-service sperm bank providing a comprehensive resource for frozen donor sperm, private semen cryopreservation, and specialized reproductive services