How To Sell Your House Fast But At A Great Price

Selling a property for a great price fast can be quite a challenge, especially in the current market. Knowing a few tricks to get the job done, helps vendors right from the word go and it doesn’t take that much or cost a fortune. Making a house look brilliant and cared for so it not only has kerb appeal, but also makes it a very desirable property to own, needs a bit of thought. In short, learning how to sell your house fast at a great price, just takes a bit of careful planning.

How To Sell Your House Fast But At A Great Price

The importance of kerb appeal

The Importance of Targeting the Right Market & Timing

Selling a property as painlessly and as quickly as possible, means doing your homework and finding your target market. You need to consider what sort of person may be interested in buying your home and then tailor it so that it appeals to them. However, you need to do this in such a way that you don’t alienate other buyers. When it comes to timing, this is crucial to selling a property for a great price – think about putting your home on the market either in the Spring or Autumn, both of which are key times for selling properties, when tradition sees more demand than supply – hence prices tend to be at their most buoyant.

The Importance of De-Cluttering a Home

You have to bear in mind that potential buyers need to be able to imagine living in your home – having loads of photos and personal ornaments around the house makes this hard for them to do. You need to clear out the kids’ bedrooms and in particular to take down their posters. Store all your treasured personal effects in the attic or put them in storage ready for the big move. If you have any ultra large items of furniture, these too should be put into storage so that rooms feel bigger. The entrance hall has to be open and inviting, and the same goes for bathrooms. The kitchen needs to be bright and airy with clear work services and no smelly dustbins around.

The Importance of Freshening Up the House

Freshen up the house with a coat of neutral paint. If any tiling is tired, then renew it and the same goes for any flooring. A tired looking property has no appeal, a well cared looking property does. Re-grouting a bathroom works wonders as does repainting a front door. Take down any heavy darker coloured curtains and replace them with lighter ones makes rooms feel airy. Another great idea is to strategically place some fresh flowers around the house – avoid using too many air freshener products as this gives people the idea you might be disguising a bad smell. If you have pets, make sure they are not around when people view your home.

The Importance of Cleaning Up Your Property

You don’t have to re-decorate your house to sell it – but it is crucial that you present it in immaculate condition. Employing the services of professional cleaners is money very well spent. They’ll achieve results you never could, carpets will look pristine and the whole place will sparkle which is bound to impress anyone viewing your home.

Kitchens in particular, have to be spotless so they are inviting with a brilliant hygienic appeal to them and the same applies to bathrooms. A new loo seat is a good investment and some plants around will make the home feel cared for. You also need to make sure any built-in wardrobes are not over-stuffed with belongings because potential buyers tend to want to look inside. Lastly, the garden needs to be tidy; it needs to be an outdoor space that people would want to spend time in – these days gardens are thought of as additional rooms.


So for those asking “how do I sell my house quick?” reading the above should provide some helpful answers!

Selling a home fast for a good price is everyone’s dream but it can be a challenging task. The best plan is to get a property looking at its smartest before any potential buyers come to view it. Kerb appeal is an important selling factor but then so are a lot of other things. Timing is also crucial to knowing how to sell your house fast at a great price, with certain times of the year being better than others.