How To Strip & Clean Your Wood Floors

Although wood floors have been placed in houses for centuries, they are still a favourite to many home owners and builders. They are transcendentally elegant and can be easily styled to match a room’s decor. The floors however, require consistent maintenance to preserve them in a pleasant condition.

Wood floorsThere are several different ways of maintaining and working on wooden floors. The method and procedure you use largely depends on the final finish you intend for your floor. For instance, a smooth and glittery finish has a different maintenance procedure compared to a dull, less slippery floor. Another extremely crucial factor to consider in regards to wood floor maintenance is the type of wood you are working on. The treatment you give to a particular floor largely depends on the type of hardwood you are working with. However, there are three crucial floor treatment procedures which are necessary regardless of the type of hardwood you have. They include:

Stripping is exceedingly necessary if you want a meritoriously finished floor. Although there are different stripping methods, chemical stripping is especially advisable since it is less messy and achieves quite a clean, neat finish. Chemicals also help you avoid the unpleasant stripping dust which may be suspended in the air as you carry on the procedure.

Since you will be working with chemicals, it is exceedingly important that you open all your windows and doors to increase the ventilation. This prevents toxic accumulation in the room you are working in. The chemical should then be carefully poured on single sections and left to remove the old finish. The amount of chemical you pour is relative to the stubbornness of the layer you are trying to remove. Finally, use a scraper to scrap off the layer of the old finish when it starts bubbling up. You could additionally sand it if you desire a much smoother floor.
How To Strip & Clean Your Wood Floors
There are numerous wood floor clean up products in the market. Each one is specifically designed to be effectual on particular hardwood types and stains. It is therefore very important to confirm your wood type and stains before purchasing an ideal clean up product.

One of the clean up solutions which is efficacious on a wide range of stains is soft dish detergent. Mix a few drops of it with water to form a solution which can easily get rid of stubborn stains on your wood floor. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and rub it on the floor to remove the stains. You could alternatively use a solution of hot water and ammonia or scour powder especially if the stains are fresh.

Re-varnishing wood flooring

Re-varnishing is particularly important if you want to restore the shiny lustre and natural grain on your floor. You need to use tender applicators like natural brushes or foam applicators and gentle strokes to achieve final pleasant aesthetics. Begin working on the room’s edges by applying water based urethane varnish in gentle strokes from the wall towards yourself. After you are done applying an even three inch wide coat, start working again from the farthest room corner. Apply the varnish in sections of about five feet long until the entire room is covered in it. Leave the varnish coat to dry before re-applying another layer. You should repeat this procedure until you achieve the desired floor look. Finally, leave it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

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Author – Colin McDonald. After having some new wood flooring laid down throughout the house, I realised that I needed to understand the in and outs. How to look after it, maintain it etc. as it looks stunning and I intend to keep it that way! Fortunately my supplier has numerous buyers guides, so I shouldn’t go to far wrong