Ideal Fashion Tips For Curvaceous Ladies

No matter our shape all ladies love to look and feel pretty. As the saying goes, looking good on the outside makes us feel great on the inside. Since I am in fact a voluptuous female myself I can relate to how difficult it can to find the right clothes to suit my shape. Whether you are a spoon, apple or hourglass you can still look sensational whilst rocking your fantabulous figure. Here are  some tips on how you can feel confident and look incredible.

Curvaceous Ladies

Rock Those Heels

If you are a shorter yet curvy lady you may struggle to be center of attention. As I am only 5ft 3 I know how hard it can be sometimes stand out of a crowd. I find that wearing heels is the ultimate fix, not only does it add some height but heels also make your legs look longer. Instead of opting for heels which are uncomfortable you can go for more suitable cute kitten heels. Not only will you add a few inches to your height but you will be accentuating your fabulous shapely legs.

Trouser Pants

If you carry some extra weight in your derriere region then you may already know how difficult it is to find trousers which won’t hug your shape too much. If you want to accommodate your fuller behind then long trouser pants are ideal for you. These trousers pull in your waist and elongate your leg, leaving an elegant and stylish appearance. If jeans are out of your caliber then these trousers are a must have fashion item.

Fitted Lingerie

Being curvy is sometimes really difficult as it can be hard to wear clothes which may cling to your shape. If you want to ensure you are camouflaged on the inside then wearing well fitted under garments will help you flaunt your figure whilst covering up any lumps and bumps you may have. There are a number of sexy lingerie sets which will tuck in your sides and tummy and there are also sets available to tighten up your thighs and derriere.

Avoid Baggy Clothes

Whilst you may think that baggy clothes will hide your bumps you would be wrong. Fact has it that bigger clothes are sure to make you look a lot bigger than you actually are. If you want to flaunt your curves whilst still looking sexy then aim for high waist trousers, fitted jackets and skirts that sit just above the knee.

Wrap Dresses

If you are more bottom heavy and carry most weight in your luscious thighs and rear then wearing a wrap dress will be ideal. You will be accentuating the top half of your figure which in turn will stop people from looking at your more curvy bottom half. These dresses extensively flatter your figure leaving you feeling sexy yet conservative.

Karoline is a plus size lady and knows how difficult it can be to find the right type of Women Belts and accessories. She understands that in order to rock your figure you need to be confident and not be afraid to strut your stuff!