Important Details To Consider Before You Move Out Of The Country

Moving to a new country is no small undertaking. Past the dreaminess of experiencing a new and exciting adventure lies a list of important details that, if not considered beforehand, can rapidly turn adventure into grief. Knowing these details in advance will help mitigate disappointment, allowing you to enjoy your new journey.

The Little Big Things

The charger cord of your cell phone may seem little, but it becomes a giant when you go to plug it into a foreign outlet and it doesn’t fit. Foreign countries may have different electricity ports, and even higher voltages that will demolish your electronics if a step-down device isn’t used. Spare batteries for all small electronic devices you rely on is a prudent idea, as they are not easy to come by in all countries.

Phone service, internet service and reliability are often things taken for granted. Lightning fast internet does not exist everywhere, potentially causing issues for those relying on it for work. It’s important think about this ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Important Details To Consider Before You Move Out Of The Country

At the Border

The best policy when moving abroad is to take as little as you can and purchase new things when you get there. This isn’t always practical. Spend the extra time researching the customs policies for international moves. Used items are often not taxed on entry as long as you don’t intend to sell them. Avoid showing up at the border with boxes of new items. Prepare to leave behind and replace some higher dollar items that are forbidden to cross many borders, such as bed mattresses.


Moving to a new country permanently, presents its own set of expectations and demands. Some countries, such as Canada, have private or government resources designed to guide would-be citizens through what can seem like a confusing or daunting process. For example, one can find information about Canadian government, attractions and invaluable information and test preparation for those pursuing citizenship. You should be prepared and study citizenship test questions and answers. Seeking like websites in other countries can help you prepare for temporary or permanent stays.


Expatriate groups are an excellent way to get real and localized information about your new home, and to seek friendship and assistance from folks who were once in your shoes.

Moving out of the country to start anew in unexplored territory can be very exciting. Maintain that sentiment with substantial research and early planning. Expect a few hiccups, but trust that your well-informed strategy will go far toward keeping your move feeling like a great adventure.