Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Child’s Bedroom

Have you heard of Feng Shui? Isn’t it a type of fish, or fried noodles on toast or a sushi Sunday roast? What Feng Shui is, is the hippest trend in happy living. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy dating as far back as 4000BC. Like many fads there’s nothing new about it. Feng shui is about creating an environment of harmony by incorporating nature’s energy flow. Sound a bit twinkle toes? It’s easy to create a positive ‘chee’ for your child. And if you aren’t ready go full force, you can always add certain Feng Shui elements instead of revamping the entire space.

Incorporating Feng Shui Into Your Child’s Bedroom

Qi ch’I chee

Feng Shui brings us closer to the natural energies of the universe. And even in our busy, noisy lives, positive vibes are easy to incorporate into our homes. Keep an open mind, and know that really all you have to do is move some furniture and add plants. Plants always look great anyway.

Here’s how it works. There are five elements basic to Feng Shui: fire, water, wood, metal and earth. Each of these elements carries an energy and, according to Feng Shui theory, just like with astrology, we are born to these elements. To achieve Feng Shui your home should incorporate these elements into each room. If your children are restless in the background whilst you’re reading this, you may consider starting with their bedroom. We can all benefit from a more calming space around us.

Keep calm and Qi on!

It’s actually pretty easy. Once you understand the elements of Feng Shui you can really have fun with it. To start off, move the bed and think of physical materials that mimic Feng Shui’s five elements.

Place your child’s headboard and bed at the centre of any wall. This will allow positive energy to flow freely all around. Place a nightstand on either side of the bed for balance. A nightstand on one side and wall shelves on the other is also fine. Never have the mirror facing the bed, as that would be considered too vain. (Actually, a mirror that reflects the upper body as you sleep is said to interrupt the outward flow of negative energy). And if you have a painting or photos decorating the walls, make sure they depict family or friends. Bonding is an essential part of sharing good energy. For the wood element of the room, wooden furniture fits in nicely. Metal can be a mirror, for earth a plant or two. For water, perhaps give your children a fish to look after, or add some blue to the colour scheme. The fire element is alive and breathing: a family pet, or even some fun toys (there should be plenty of them around).

Consider Feng Shui when redecorating your child’s bedroom, or other rooms in the home. Simple placement of furniture and consideration of energy flow can not only make the space feel better, but look better too.