Indoor Fun: 5 Ways To Get The Kids Active Indoors

When it comes to levels of activity, some kids are more active than others. However, being active is important for kids in many ways, aiding everything from their development to their health and fitness levels. Many kids are naturally active when they are outdoors but it is also a good idea to find ways to keep your kids active whilst indoors.
Indoor Fun 5 Ways To Get The Kids Active Indoors
There are a number of different activities and options that you can opt for in order to keep the kids active indoors. Of course, you have to be more mindful of indoor activities unless you want to risk the house getting wrecked! However, with a little thought you can find a variety of ways in which to promote increased activity inside.

5 fun ideas to increase indoor activity for the kids
You will probably find many ways in which you can get your kids to be more active indoors. Five great ideas include:

  • Balloon games: Playing ball games in the house is a no-no unless you can afford to replace windows and expensive ornaments! However, a balloon does not pose the risk of damage and can be just as much fun. You can get the kids to play swatting balloon games and you can even join in!
  • Bowling: You can set up a very mild form of bowling in the home without the risk of damage. A pyramid made up from cardboard or plastic cups and a soft ball is all you need for some competitive fun, which again you can join in with.
  • Hide and seek: It’s a very traditional game but one that kids never seem to become bored of. Playing hide and seek not only keeps them active and provides them with lots of fun, but it also get their imaginations working as they have to think of inventive places to hide.
  • Housework: Okay, so it might not be every kid’s idea of fun, but getting the kids to help with household cleaning is a great way to keep them active – plus it helps you out! Try and make the cleaning as fun as you can by making it into a game. For instance, you can run a competition to see who can get their half of the bedroom clean in the fastest time, with a treat for the winner.
  • Computer consoles: With the technology many people have in the home today, being active indoors is much easier. You can use consoles such as the Wii in order to join in with dancing and other activities. These will provide the kids with plenty of fun and is a great way to spend quality time together.
  • Make use of outdoor areas: Don’t forget to make use of outdoor areas for more robust activities or for simple exercise such as walking and cycling. This could be anything from your back garden through to surrounding areas of natural beauty if you live in communities.

The key to keeping kids active indoors is to make sure they have fun and to join in as well. This also means that you get to spend more quality time with your kids in addition to keeping them – and you – more active.

Liz Deakin is married with three children of her own. She enjoys spending time walking and biking with her children in the natural beauty of the areas surrounding Victoria’s social community.