Inspiration For Your Winter Wedding

Winter, with its ability to transform even the most mundane landscapes into glistening wonderlands, seems to have a fantastical impact on all of us. Why not capture some of those magical elements for your wedding? If you haven’t already considered a winter wedding, reflect on some of these ideas. They just may inspire you to exchange your vows during this enchanted season.

Inspiration For Your Winter Wedding

From your wedding gown to decorations and transportation, you have an endless number of opportunities to use the winter effect to your advantage. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Wedding Attire:

There’s no reason to stray too far from your original idea for a wedding gown, especially if you’re going for one in traditional white. Consider adding subtle touches like sequins and other embellishments for a glistening effect. You also can boost the wintry effect with glittery shoes and a rhinestone tiara, necklace and earrings. Your bridesmaids’ dresses can further accentuate the winter effect: Look for dresses in emerald green, eggplant purple, ruby red, shimmering silver or Venetian gold to reflect the jeweled tones of the holiday season. While you may prefer an understated look for you and your bridesmaids, turn up the volume with your flower girls. Dress them in sparkling Cinderella-style ball gowns, rhinestone tiaras, plush white muffs and white faux fur boots. Consider providing stylish heavyweight wraps or shrugs to your bridal party as well. These accent pieces provide both style and function as they can keep the bridesmaids warm during outdoor photo sessions.

Floral Arrangements:

The most popular choices for winter floral arrangements tend to be white because they provide the most impact in conveying the snowy season. Choose from fresh or artificial flowers such as white calla lilies, orchids, tulips and amaryllis. Depending upon your color scheme, you also can include flowers like red roses and orchids, or green chrysanthemums. Accent your party’s bouquets with lush velvet ribbon or fabric or inexpensive large rhinestone bracelets that project plenty of sparkle.


Create a winter wonderland at your reception hall with an array of beautifully decorated artificial Christmas trees, pine cones and an abundance of candles and indoor white lights. To stick to the wintry effect, try minimizing the colors here to white, silver and a few touches of green. Choose slender pre-lit artificial trees that are lifelike without overwhelming the room. Avoid loading them with ornaments; stay true to an outdoor wonderland atmosphere. Save the silver, clear and white ornaments for tablescapes. You can fill large glass cylinder vases with an array of them to create simple centerpieces. Shop your local fabric store for swaths of shimmery voluminous fabric that can be used as accent pieces under your trees and tables. To fill out other spaces, try placing beautifully wrapped (empty) large boxes strategically around the room.


Instead of bubbles or expensive white rose petals, create the effect of your guests throwing snowflakes at you and your groom. Retailers sell eco-friendly wedding confetti that flutters like fat snowflakes when thrown. Don’t worry about the confetti hurting birds or serving as litter. They are biodegradable and dissolve when in contact with water … or real snow.


Sure, you can go for the traditional white-on-white limousine. It will beautifully accent your departure from your wedding. However, if you want to add that Cinderella effect, consider renting a horse-drawn carriage for an unforgettable departing scene. If the carriage can’t take you all the way to your destination, it still provides the opportunity for capture photographs that reflect your winter wonderland theme.

There are many ways to capture the elegant beauty of winter at your wedding. Use these ideas as inspiration to create a beautiful wedding you, your groom, family and friends will never forget.