Investment Pieces That Will Always Be In Style

Following fashion and keeping up to date with the latest trends is fun and a great way to discover the colours and designs that suit you. There are some items that, when it comes to real quality, both of material and of design, will always be in style. Consider investing in the following pieces and as Vivienne Westwood advises “when in doubt, overdress”.
Investment Pieces That Will Always Be In Style

Burberry Trench coat

When Thomas Burberry combined his discovery of a waterproof material with his original designs for officers’ coats; with double breasted buttons and belt detail at the waist and sleeves, what he in fact did was create a wardrobe staple that is yet to be usurped now. This classic trench coat should be khaki coloured, however this year’s collection features bright wild colours, with a campaign featuring Cara Delevingne and Romeo Beckham the brand is appealing to a new generation, helping to prove Burberry’s classic and relative status.

Little Black Dress

Pioneered by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s the little black dress continues to be the most referenced item of a woman’s wardrobe. Hemlines and necklines change with the seasons but a figure flattering cut will always looks sensational. A modest design will also ensure this dress will be suitable for almost any occasion, simply dress up or down with statement accessories.

Red Cocktail Dress

Bill Blass once said “When in doubt wear red”. The latest rounds of award ceremonies continue to prove the allure and appeal of a lipstick red dress. The colour red screams lust, love and appeal, team with nude or simple gold accessories.

Killer Heels

That pair of heels that transform you, changing your posture and adding height. High heeled court pumps in a neutral colour will ensure they go with almost every outfit. Matching the colour of the pumps to the legs is a quick trick to elongate them.


A classic pearl necklace is a beautifully understated finishing touch, however experimenting with layering necklaces can create a more dramatic effect. Also consider pearls as embellishments on bags or heels.

Style is different to fashion; style is knowing what suits you. Each of these items can be extraordinary if you take the time to find something that fits perfectly and is the right cut and design to flatter you. The classic pieces are all clothing that can be dressed up or down and worn in almost any situation.

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