Is It Unhealthy To Take Too Much Omega-3?

There can be risks associated with vitamin and supplement overdose. So in case you think you can take three capsules of high dosaged vitamin C, then you are doomed. Vitamin overdose is possible, and in each supplement you over indulge in, there can be risks.

Omega 3 is one supplement that may give you concerns once you do not follow the delegated amount to be taken in everyday. It has been a nutrient that cannot be produced by the body thus external sources of it is needed.

Is It Unhealthy To Take Too Much Omega-3?

The Right Dosage

Initially, omega-3 fatty acids can be taken in 3 grams every day. It can still be considered safe. This is based in the supplement’s maximum dosage and benefits.

Vitamin E has recommended dosage of 10 mg, A of 600 ug, C of 75 mg and D of 5 ug. And once there is increased dosage, each vitamin and supplements can result to different cases and risky consequences. These are for reference values alone though.

Possible Omega 3 Risks- Getting Fat

The health benefits of omega-3 includes strengthening heart health, reducing inflammatory tendencies and helping in several other condition cures for the body. But then just like all other medications, omega-3 may need the daily reference values that are based on the food and drug bureaus from each country.

As in everything balance matters.

Omega-3 over dosage may result to fat and weight gain. And it can be unhealthy. This has been pointed out by Professor Stephen Simpson from Australian Society for Medical Research. The key however is to keep everything balanced from your protein intake, to carbs to sugar in your diet.

Once you take in something too long and too often, the imbalance can either get your body into too much weight gain and even too much weight loss. Both are unhealthy.

Vitamin Risks Over All

There is some downside to vitamins and supplements intake as I’ve said. Here’s a list of them.

  1. Some supplements are laced with prescription drugs. Once you are not aware of what you are taking in, then you are at risk just like all other hundreds vitamin fans. Choosing the right vitamins and supplement brands matter, a lot.
  2. Risks involve several conditions. Vitamin risks can lead to upset stomach, anemia, toxicity, fainting, and loss of appetite to sum it all up. The symptoms though would depend on the vitamin.
  3. Over dosage of pills can damage esophagus.
  4. Some natural supplements aren’t natural. This is due to the faking of supplements by several companies.
  5. Some supplements are not needed after all. Some vitamin supplements boast of combined nutritional doses and nutritional values. But then you should realize that some aren’t needed by your body, or you may have been having it all along.

Bottom line for Omega 3 and All Other Supplements

The right balance and the right dosage can make your life right and healthy. There are different supplements that you may need, and determining which is helpful and which is taken in with the right dosage can make a difference in keeping you safe.