Is She The Person I Thought She Was?

The Situation
This case was brought to a private detective by a nice young man who lived nearby with his fiancé in the flat that they had shared for the past three years. The couple were in the process of planning their wedding which was due to happen in around a year’s time when the man begun to have some questions about his fiancé that he could not seem to answer. The pair had been close since they first met and had not been together long before they became engaged but in recent months, the individual had begun to hear rumours circulating about his fiancé and a past that he had been told nothing about.
Is She The Person I Thought She Was
Rumour Has It
The rumours that had finally reached the ears of the individual about his future wife basically indicated that she had not been at all honest about her past with him. He had heard from several loyal friends that she had had a child around a year before she had met him with a local juvenile who had since been imprisoned for armed robbery and that the said child had been adopted by another woman in the village who was raising her as her own. Though the individual could understand reluctance at first in his fiancé to recall the events he became concerned that she had lied to him for so long and that she may be hiding a whole other past from him.

A Second Opinion
After dwelling on the rumours and accusations against his partner for several weeks without mentioning anything to her, the young man decided to test how much had been hidden from him by his fiancé and so employed the detective’s services. After consulting with the young man about his doubts and questions, he gathered the main facts he had about his wife to be and began the investigation by verifying these details. This area of the investigation was explored mainly through a series of background checks that immediately highlighted some conflicting details about the client’s fiancé’s past.

Mixed Messages
The information obtained showed that the fiancé of the client had in fact changed her identity after having the child, perhaps to avoid future contact, and her real name was quite different from the one that the young man was familiar with. Once further research was done which established the facts of the individual’s former life, it soon became apparent that the subject of the rumours had been based in reality. Records demonstrated that the client’s future wife had in fact given birth to a set of twins who were now coming up to eight years old and lived around fifty miles away.

Where Do the Lies End?
A full report of all of the information and findings that had been discovered was produced and accordingly presented to the young man who unsurprisingly was shocked and upset by the results. After making sure he was aware of all the details of her past, the young man approached his girlfriend with the findings and asked for an explanation for the deceit rather than for what had happened in her past. Though the individual seemed sorry for not being open about her past with the man she was to marry she gave many reasons for not doing so. However, the young man was so hurt by the deceit and the idea that there may be a lot more unrevealed, that he ended the relationship and called off the wedding.

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