Keep It Real With Fake Tan

Fake tan is a great way of keeping that healthy ‘holiday glow’, it leaves you looking fresh and healthy (even when you are feeling rough from the night before) but if done wrong; it can go VERY wrong for you! This is especially true if you are a man and don’t want it to be obvious to everyone you have been applying fake tan. In this article we help you avoid the tell-tale signs of a faker to leave you looking fresh and fit, with the ‘straight from holiday’ colour the ladies love.


Before you purchase your fake tan go to your local stockist and test it. To do this rub it on the inside of your wrist and if it is more than two shades darker than your current skin colour then put it back on the shelf and go for a lighter shade. If you use a moisturiser or tanning solution with dark pigments on your fair skin it will result in an unnatural orange tone that not even David Dickenson can get away with! That is why it is crucial to only go a shade darker.


Get pampering and use an exfoliating scrub to remove dry or flaky skin before you start. If you don’t use an exfoliating scrub you’ll find that the dry skin absorbs more self-tan lotion and therefore leaves you with a patchy discolouration which is definitely not the look you are going for. Always pay particular attention to knees and elbows when exfoliating as these are the areas where a faker can be spotted!

If you are planning to shave while you have your fake tan considering doing so before you apply it. Shaving will you have fake tan on your face could make it look patchy and even run do onto your neck or body.

Keep It Real With Fake Tan

Find out how to avoid looking like this.


This is another area of life where less is more; it is essential that you use only the amount of product which is stated on the box (or even less if it is your first time and especially to your face and other high profile places). More tanner can be applied later if it is required but it is much more difficult to remove if you have over done it!

Orange palms are not a sexy look so grab some latex gloves to apply the tanning cream to your skin. It’s a really good idea to rub the tan lotion into your skin in a circular motion as this avoids the ‘streaky bacon’ look and instead results in a smooth and perfect tanned finish.

To deal with your feat simply use the excess product from the bottom of your legs to work over your feet. Apply a lot more sparingly here to make the effect seem more natural and also remember to wash your toe nails as soon as you are finished.

Keep It Real With Fake Tan

Tanning can be a fun pastime.

Ginger eyebrows are a dead giveaway when it comes to spotting the tan fakers. To avoid this unattractive look apply some hair conditioner to your facial hair as this will help to seal the outer layer which will in turn prevent staining of the hair or skin.

Have you got any embarrassing self-tanning stories, or tips for fake tanning for men, you would like to share with us?