Keeping Safe in Suburbs of Big Cities

Before the rise of the American Suburb, people lived in cities or the rural areas around them. While most believe that the city is where crime stays, the suburbs have done a great job at catching up. Yes, there is more crime in the city — but there are also more people, so read on for a few tips on keeping yourself safe in the suburbs around big cities.

1. Trim Bushes and Use Outdoor Lighting


Image via Flickr by Sergey Stoma

By keeping the plants around your home under control and using outdoor lighting, you eliminate any shady places where an intruder could possibly hide.

2. Make Safety a Routine

Instead of stressing about good safety practices, make it the everyday norm. Make it a habit to:

  • Lock doors behind you when you enter or leave, even if it’s just a few minutes.
  • Make sure all windows are closed and locked.
  • Use your blinds when you’re going to bed.
  • Have backup plans in case an emergency happens.
  • Keep baseball bats near windows in case of a fire.

3. Invest in Home Security

Home security systems are generally designed specifically for suburban homes. These valuable assets are set off by doors and windows opening, or even motion detectors scanning an area.  Making sure you’re safe in your house can be as easy as installing these devices, especially if you live near a city. For instance, the best security in Philly is as easy to find as any other big city.

4. Install Peepholes

Make sure that your doors that lead to the exterior of your house have peepholes that everyone in your family can reach. There’s no need for peepholes that only one person in the house can reach.

5. Do Not Hide or Store Keys Outside

If you need to have a spare key, never leave it under your front door or planter. Instead, give it to a trusted neighbor. These hiding places are too obvious and are an easy way to let an intruder inside your home.

6. Keep Valuables in a Safe

Safes are an easy addition to your home for safety, and they are a must have if you own any deadly weapons for self defense. You can get a wall or floor safe, and many safes are hi-tech now, requiring you to have a palm print to access anything inside.

7. Secure Sliding Glass Doors With Auxiliary Locks

Windows and sliding glass doors usually have locks built in, but they can be further secured by using auxiliary locks. These are generally available at home improvement stores, and refer to special door pins that will wedge the door or window in place, even if it is unlocked.

Keeping safe in your home is important, especially when you have a family to look after. Though cities and suburban areas are different, they both experience crime, and you need to be extra careful in the suburbs, since they are considered safer.