Kids and Sinks: Friends or Enemies?

Once we grow up, we often lose that sense of wonder that kids so often see in the world. Simple things are just simple things; and catching the bus or subway to go shopping can become a menial chore, rather than a big adventure. Children often fear things that adults cease to think about, such as monsters under the bed or being sucked down into the pipes when you pull the plug in the bathtub. It is in fact in the bathroom that a child’s sense of wonder can be a tad annoying, since they often fail to look after the bathroom facilities, and they sometimes often place themselves in danger. What are some of the things than you need to think about when it comes to kids and the bathroom sink?

Kids and Sinks: Friends or Enemies?

Little boy washing sink on kitchen – Shutterstock

Do They Need a Sink Just For Them?

While it can be possible to have a bathroom sink installed especially for your child, it’s a redundant thing to do, since the child will outgrow the sink before it’s even finished. Children grow so quickly, and sometimes it feels like they’ve already outgrown their new clothes before you even get home from the mall.

Fingers Out!

Children often need to be reminded about dirt and germs. Of course, most children don’t care about such things, and so will happily roll around in the mud for hours. But perhaps if a child was encouraged to think about how all the dirt and germs from when they wash themselves all flows down the drain, they might be less inclined to explore the area with their fingers, meaning that you’re less likely to have to call the fire department to cut them out.

Safety First

Children certainly need to be taught about all aspects of bathroom safety- things such as just because mommy’s coconut body moisturizer smells good; it doesn’t mean it tastes good. Children also need to be taught about the drain, and how to look after it. Food and large chunks of dirt don’t need to go down the sink and should be scraped off into the trashcan. This is perhaps something that many adults need to remember too.

If the Worst Happens…

You would be amazed at what children are capable of cramming down a sink. Many children’s toys are designed to not be choking hazards, with no small parts, and yet portions of these toys are perfectly capable of being shoved into a plughole by small fingers. These solid blockages can’t usually be shifted with a liquid drain cleaner, and often require the expert services of a professional plumbing company like

Fortunately, children will grow out of the curiosity they might have for the bathroom and just what can be inserted into the sink, and hopefully you’ll be spared from a Bart Simpson style experience when he made numerous phone calls to the other side of the world to find out if the water in the toilet drains clockwise or counter clockwise. Perhaps there should be some sort of specialty phone number to help curious children- plumbers in Sydney can help American children learn about which way the water drains down under, and plumbers and Indianapolis can do the reverse… and they can all remind children that the plughole is not a place for their fingers!