Let’s Dance: 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Music For Your Wedding

Among the myriad details required in planning a modern wedding, musical selection is perhaps one of the most important to get right. Music stimulates our senses in powerful ways, making it an important consideration in how you and your guests will experience your special day. To choose the perfect soundtrack for your wedding fete, follow these five steps:

Embrace Your Personal Style

The tone and feel of your wedding should express your personal style – after all, it’s your day! If everyone knows you love dancing to country music, what sense is there in selecting a brass band that may struggle to replicate the type of sound you prefer? Musical selections that run counter to who you are will only be seen as disingenuous, and they will end up taking something away from all your planning, rather than adding the sentiment you hoped for.

Match Sight To Sound

To use your music to its best advantage, try to match it to the aesthetic of your chosen venue. For example, that string quartet your best man raves about was probably a perfect fit for his elegant nuptials at a fine venue like Cropley House (www.cropleyhouse.com.au), but will it suit your shabby-chic outdoor affair? Finding music that adds to the existing flavor of your location will help tie together your overall wedding look and feel.

Let's Dance: 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Music For Your Wedding

Walk (Or Dance) A Mile In Your Guests Shoes

While you want to express your personal musical style, don’t forget to consider your audience a bit. There’s no pleasing everyone, but can you really see your older guests enjoying time on the dance floor with a DJ who spins the latest techno craze? Most couples are anxious to see their guests having fun and letting loose, so use your wedding music to create an atmosphere that will be comfortable for the majority of your guests to enjoy.

Balance Your Budget

All other details aside, rule number one is sticking to your wedding budget. Live music is generally more expensive than a DJ, but you can likely find discounted live musicians at local music schools or universities if you put in the effort.

Experience The Sound In Person

Last but not least, no matter how many great reviews you’ve heard from friends, family or coworkers, always experience your band or DJ in person before signing a wedding contract. Music cannot always be described well in words, as it is generally felt as much as it is heard, so it’s important to experience it for yourself. If nothing else, this can provide fun date nights for you and your beloved!