Locked Down: The 5 Most Effective Ways To Improve Home Security

Home security is something everyone takes seriously – whether it’s leaving the radio on when you go out, or simply double checking to make sure that you’ve shut your windows and locked your doors before heading to work, we all have our own rituals that make our home more secure.
Locked Down The 5 Most Effective Ways To Improve Home Security
But in an age of increasingly desirable household items, and a worrying trend of complacency, can it be enough to just turn the key in your front door and leave it at that? Far from being an exercise in scaremongering, this post aims to give the five most heavy duty, effective ways to keep intruders out and your home safe.

1. Install Home CCTV Systems
Technology has come a long way since CCTV systems were first introduced, and with huge improvements in cameras as well as plummeting costs due to higher production volumes, a surveillance system is no longer an expensive security luxury that’s reserved for businesses or the comfortably well off.

A basic, complete system can be bought for less than a three-figure sum and with the rise in popularity of wireless IP cameras hooked up to online servers, it’s possible to rig your home up with at least one camera for less than it costs to take your family out to dinner.

2. Upgrade Your Door Locks & Windows
Sliding a credit card down the side of a door to jimmy it open might seem like something out of Hollywood but it is genuinely possible with older, cheaper door locks; if you don’t need a key to get in, your door is as good as wide open 24/7. Investing in more heavy duty dead locks for your doors and windows will give your home security a significant boost.

3. Invest In A Home Alarm System
Burglars love quiet, and they hate noise. Even if they’re not put off by the visual deterrent of seeing a huge alarm on the outside of your house, they’ll definitely be put off by the deafening noise that will follow. Your potential thief will flee through fear of inquisitive neighbours investigating, or the possibility that your system places a call to the police if set off.

4. Simple Motion Detection Lights
One thing that potential intruders also love is working under the cover of darkness. While this isn’t true for all career criminals, motion detection lights are the kryptonite of those who relish night time work. They can be set up at the front and rear of your home, as well as down any side entrances that you might have so no matter which way our budding criminal tries to head they’ll be lit up like Times Square.

5. Automated Or Electric Gates
Installing electric gates on your property are also another great way to give your security a significant boost. As well as often looking good and potentially adding value to your home (like all the investments listed above) they provide a real physical deterrent and obstacle for any potential intruders. By making access to your property much more difficult, many burglars won’t even bother with hitting your home whether it’s through fear of injury, being seen or caught, or simply the increased hassle.

This post was written by Tom McShane – lover of technology and a tad on the paranoid side of home security. While he’s constantly fiddling with electric gizmos and gadgets for the latest in security technology, nothing beats a hefty home barrier like the gates from Leicester Wrought Ironworks.