London After Midnight – Love The Night Life

Also Known as the best and lucrative night life’s in the world the London night life is the best night life around if you are a beer, pub and fun loving person who always wants to be dancing this is because the London night life is one to die for.


Many of the pubs around London close at 11 pm though there are some new laws that allow some pubs to wild licenses that allow them to open up for 24 hours. Many of the pubs have ad eared to the 11 pm closing time but there are many other pubs, bars and clubs that open late night till morning at about 7 am when they close.

When you take a walk around the streets of London you will be hit by very many pubs with weird London style names such as “The Dog and Duck”. Most of the pubs in London have been created with an authentic old London style pub style and they have been made in chains so that they can market themselves to Tourist as authentic London pubs from the drinks to the look of the pubs. Even though there are very many pubs in tourists oriented areas such as Covents Gardens, Leicester, Piccadilly and The Strands it never hurts to do the old London pub crawl so that you can be able to visit all the best pubs around the town this is more like club hopping in the western side of the world.

There are those people who do not just want to visit any pub around the city and they want to be able to taste the celebrity and famous life in London and if you are one of theses you may want to head to the South Kensington to Collections or Walton street were you will be able to spend time with the who’s who in London but it will cost you as you are supposed to prepared to but a drink for £13 to £15.

Insider tip: if you are looking for achingly hip you want to be at Shoreditch. You can be able to find a very good place there and although it has been declining as time passes it has became more popular as more people are being removed more space is being created.

Club Scene

Finding the best place for yourself when it comes to clubs is a very easy thing to do and the only thing you need to keep in mind is what kind of a club you are looking for be it a drum-n-bass, techno, house, hip hop or jazz you just need to have it in head and you will be able to get one. One of the things that make it very easy to know if you are in the right place is the fact that every place that you go in London has a very different vibe from the last and every place has a vibe of its own.

You will find that the clubs range from VIP know what to wear clubs to just normal student nights London clubs that are more relaxed and done to earth but not in all senses as all the clubs have been known to be very high-en. Many of the clubs play all kinds of music like a mix so to say and you can be able to get this kinds of clubs all over but there are others which have separated each type of music for its own time of the day or its own day of the week such that Tuesday is for Rock Friday Is for Techno and so forth. If your main purpose in London is for celebrity spotting then you want to dress well, smell good and make your way over to the Project or Cirque Du Soir in Soho one of the finest clubs in the whole of London. This is the same place you will be able to find gay clubs and pubs.

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Etienne Moreau is a music writer from Paris with a particular personal interest in English pubs.