Look Your Best Behind the Desk: 4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe for Work

Working a nine to five can be a drag, but the look good, feel good mentality can definitely help you work through the grind. Well, that and a good cup of coffee. If your office look has been lacking a bit, treat yourself to a more fashion-friendly wardrobe with the following four tips.

1. Colorful Belts

Nothing looks better than a colorful belt with a basic black pencil skirt– or better yet: a peplum style pencil skirt. Bright colors are always a good choice for bringing a cheerful, fun vibe to your office wear without being too dramatic for the workplace. Remember that belts aren’t restricted to the hips. Try a few colorful waist belts over coordinated cardigans and button-ups for a flattering and professional look.

2. Patterns on Solids

Going along with the previous tip, a bright pink pencil skirt would look fabulous with a leopard print belt, and a polka dot blazer can be just what you need to jazz up a classic black dress. You can also use solid colors to tone down your more adventurous looks. For example, try pairing a yellow cardigan with a multi-tiered floral print blouse to keep it colorful and fun without being too loud.

3. Accessories

If you want to make a statement without making dramatic changes to your style, try adding accessories for extra color, sparkle and personality. Pretty and simple pendant necklaces are a great go-to item for showing off your unique traits and interests while brightening up a classic pantsuit. A chic cuff is a great addition to a long-sleeved, form-fitting top. Subtle drop earrings can polish off any outfit.

4. Layers

Layers aren’t just about looks, they’re also about comfort. In the unpredictable temperatures at the office, you’ll need a versatile outfit to keep you covered when you need warmth at a moment’s notice. Start with a basic bottom layer, such as a form-fitting, muted dress. Build from there. Layer the dress with a structured blazer or light cardigan. Bring it all together with a waist belt. Finish off the look with a pair of tights and mild pumps for an office-friendly look. When heading to happy hour after work, ditch the blazer and tights, and trade out your pumps for a sexy pair of heels.

With a few simple additions and a few extra minutes of pre-work primping, you can truly be dressed for success. Remember that you are what you wear, so keep it professional and make sure to embody this attitude throughout the workday.

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