Los Angeles Web Design With A Specific Eye On Mobile Devices

Recent statistics have shown that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the Internet.

  • A couple of years ago mobile devices represented 1% of interest traffic and in the year 2012 this figure went up to 13%
  • Morgan Stanley, a research firm states that smart phone users are growing by upwards of 40% every year
  • By the year 2014, people using the good old desktop to access the Internet will be significantly less in number compared to the people using mobile devices to access the Internet

Los Angeles Web Design With A Specific Eye On Mobile Devices
All of this simply means that you should pay attention to creating your website to be viewed from mobile devices as well. For instance, if you are doing business in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, then you should know that according to one study, the growth in the number of Americans using smart phones will be nothing less than phenomenal and quite a large percentage of the population exists in Los Angeles itself. Thus, making your website mobile device friendly is extremely important.

Smaller content for the smaller device
Brevity will get you everywhere, especially onto mobile devices. Keep your content even more streamlined and relevant when it comes to a mobile website. Even the best of smart phoneswill not be able to match up to the speed and convenience of looking at a website on a desktop. Therefore your content should be prioritized and pruned in order to help the mobile device browser.

 Testing is everything
Get your friends and family members to access your website from a range of mobile devices before you launch it in the public domain. This will give you a really good understanding of how your website loads up on different mobile devices because they also come in a range of sizes and capabilities.

Minimize or even eliminate the need to type
Even the most ergonomically designed smart phone is not conducive to typing long messages or inputting lots of information. Your mobile friendly website therefore should not put the user through the difficulty of typing in lots of information.

Visual layout
Finally, you have to pay attention to the visual layout of your website and ensure that the images are smaller and the website gets loaded really quickly onto the mobile device. There is no doubt whatsoever that certain things have to be eliminated when it comes to changing your web design and with the help of a Web Designer In Los Angeles company, you can retain the most important elements and get mobile users to access your website comfortably too.

James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.