Lose Weight with Chicken Soup!

With an eating plan and chicken soup you can regain your figure. If you adore the taste of chicken cooking time will be easier to get over the monotony of the diet front. The concept is perfectly clear. Starvation is an enemy to be feared when you’re on a diet. It always puts at risk the good development of the food plan. I advise to always follow a diet recommended by nutritionists. It will indicate a diet that fits your body needs.


Do not be obsessive with calories! Diet is not the problem, but rather your attitude to count every calorie obsessive. Instead of doing this, concentrate on the event and discussions with friends. The more you intend to do more so the more you avoid emotional stress. The thing to be! When you want to achieve your goal you have to try hard to follow the steps closely.

Try drinking fruit juices. If you want a non alcoholic cocktail then try one. Do not deny your loved ones and have the glass of champagne. Drink a glass, but no more.

Here is how to prepare the chicken soup:

# a half chicken cut into pieces.
# 2 tsp salt.
# 2 tablespoons olive oil.
# 4 large cabbage leaves.
# a suitable finely chopped onion.
# a bunch of parsley.
# two carrots cut into small pieces.
# 3 cloves of garlic.
# 3 pieces of parsnip.
# 1 red pepper.
# 100 grams of broccoli.
# pepper and lemon juice to taste.

What can eat within a week for breakfast?

Breakfast 1

At first you eat a breakfast with vanilla yogurt diet that you can combine with a mix of fresh seasonal fruit.
Add at the end of this combination one tablespoon wheat germ.

Breakfast 2

Delight yourself with a small cup of fresh cow cheese that you can add two tablespoons of powdered sugar and some cinnamon for flavor.
You can eat two slices of toast, but it should be whole grain, with two figs.

Breakfast 3

Eat whole grain, skimmed cow’s milk. After 20 minutes, drink a glass of orange juice fortified with calcium.

Breakfast 4

A glass of plums juice with natural whole grain bread and cream cheese.

Breakfast 5

You can eat a cup of skimmed cow’s milk with unsweetened whole grain.