Low Calorie Wedding Cakes To Die For

I recently needed to taste a unique cake at my friend’s wedding after gaining inspiration from it. It was so colorful with lemon icing and low in calorie.Not that she needs to worry about calories as she’s wonderfully slim and petite.

Wedding cakes are vital parts of a wedding, not only for guests but they are preserved for memories.Although most cakes have high calories,sometimes we should go beyond everyone’s styles and avoid ruining our diet. So let’s look at the most popular low calorie wedding cakes.

Low Calorie Wedding Cakes To Die For

  • CARROT CAKE. Carrots have been used to make sweet cakes for long time because they contain more sugar than other vegetables. Although they are underrated, they soften in the cooking process and their cakes are usually soft. They enhance the texture of the cake and are found in many flavours like carrot nut cake, carrot cakes with cream cheese.
  • FRUIT CAKE. It is a mixture of dried fruits, full of fruity flavours, juicy and refreshing. It tastes like budding and mostly served at weddings. It has lemon, orange peel, French cherries, almonds, nuts and royal icing on top which gives beauty and seals its freshness.
  • GINGER CAKE. It is another classic and tasty cake. It is made of raising flour, ground ginger, cinnamon, ground mixed spice, butter, muscavado sugar, black treacle, soda bicarbonate, whole milk and golden syrup.
  • BANANA CAKE. It is made of mashed ripe bananas, sugar, eggs, wall nuts, sour cream, which makes it look darker. It is spongy and light. To get the burst of flavour, use bananas with black spots on their skin.
  • COFFEE CAKE.It is made from coconut oil, butter, evaporated milk, minced walnuts, eggs, teaspoons cinnamon and strong coffee. They have been baked since the biblical days and recipes changed as time progressed. They are perfect for weddings, parties and for breakfast.
  • SPONGE CAKE.It is another cake which is easy to create and based on flour, milk, butter, eggs, baking powder and sugar with aerated structure like that one of a sea sponge. It can be decorated with fruits and ice, it can also be eaten plain.
  • STRUDEL APPLE CAKE.It is a very nice cake which can be eaten at room temperature or warm as we like and can be used in special occasions such as weddings. The ingredients are cinnamon, canola oil, brown sugar, brown rice flour, pecans and slivered almond.

Although rice cakes are low in calories and have little fat, they only trick the stomach. Because you should consider building up muscles at the same time when dieting. The main reason for the wedding cake is to make the day memorable and low calorie wedding cakes are extremely good to die for. Many people use many systems in tracking their caloric life and we should show that we care for them when making wedding cakes. We should also understand how too much calories react in our bodies and be the first ones to track our calorie intake on daily basis and practice the same in making wedding cakes. Therefore as we stick to the budget, size of the cake and beauty, low calorie is another very important factor to deal with, in order to cherish and love our cakes and maintain their memories.

Author Bio: Perl Watson is a food taster and blogger. She recommends Hitched for all your wedding planning needs.