Make Your Own Gluten Free Food


Sometimes it becomes very difficult to cook for your family or a group of people since not everyone has the same taste and diet. Moreover, cooking becomes more cumbersome when you need to cook for individuals that are allergic to wheat that is, they require a gluten free diet. While preparing a gluten free dish, one must make notice of the fact that they must not contain any wheat products. Gluten is a complex protein that is found in various wheat products and is not advised for people that are suffering from celiac disease. Thus a massive portion of food is excluded when you need to prepare a gluten free food. Starters, desserts and even main courses alike can pose a serious problemfor people that are suffering from celiac disease and undergoing medical treatment.


Here are some ideas to make gluten free meals and also what not to include while preparing them.


You don’t need to worry if you are starting from scratch. Try to find some alternatives to avoid using wheat flour. Tapioca flour, potato starch flour or rice flour are some good options that could replace wheat flour in your diet. These are gluten free and a great substitute for wheat flour. If you cannot find these you can also use almond flour or corn starch.


For most of us, meat is surely among the most favorite dishes and also a key ingredient. But while preparing gluten free food, this can be difficult. Most of the meat from farm animals receives processing before arriving at the supermarket shelves, with wheat-based additives. These additives are used to preserve the meat and make it look more succulent. This cannot be allowed for celiac sufferers and it is recommended that they should avoid the use of meat in their diet. However as an alternative to meat, you could include fish or other seafood as the main ingredient in your gluten free meal.

Here is a list of some tasty and popular gluten free recipes that you could cook-

  1. Mushroom Risotto Recipe: this recipe calls for Italian and risotto rice varieties that are very rich in particular type of starch. This high starch content in the rice yields creamy texture when cooked.

  2. Creamy Polenta: this dish is very light and creamy and could almost be considered as perfect dessert. Polenta is made from cornmeal and is a staple diet of north Italy.

  3. Butternut Squash Apple Soup: This soup is very easy to prepare by just adding one tart green apple to balance sweetness of squash.

Gluten free foods are really a delight to make as well as eat. You can see more recipes here if you want to try more gluten free food recipes for yourself.