Make Your Own Greetings Cards For A Personal Touch

Sending greetings cards has declined in popularity and with the rise of email and social media sites, there are a lot of virtual cards being sent. However, there is something special about getting a card through the post and a handmade card shows that the sender has put thought and effort into the greeting, as well as sending something unique.
Get creative
Make Your Own Greetings Cards For A Personal Touch
Even if you don’t have much artistic talent, you’ll be able to make a reasonable greetings card and the recipient will appreciate it all the more if they know you aren’t generally artistically inclined. Try making a collage out of coloured paper or photographs, or collect leaves and press flowers to stick onto your masterpiece. If you want to try something special, try a crafting supply shop or visit an online site for inspiration as here you’ll be able to find tools and materials to make greetings cards. Online greeting card site have all sorts of transfers, glitter paints, prints and fancy shapes to give your cards a professional touch.
Make a little cash on the side
If you find you have a talent for making greetings cards, why not sell some to make a little extra income? Many people like to buy and send pretty and unique cards for special occasions and invitations for weddings and christenings are good markets for hand made products, as those involved want to make the occasion something special. You could sell cards online; setting up a site is cheap and easy these days and you will be able to make cards on demand, although take care not to over stretch your time. Small gift shops and art galleries are also good outlets for your greetings cards; visit some in your nearest town or at tourist attractions and see if they will stock your products. It can take some time to build up a client base but soon you’ll find that demand will likely outstrip supply.
Handmade greetings cards add a very special touch to an occasion and make the recipient feel that you care enough to put time and energy into their card. Greetings cards do not have to be very fancy or complicated. It is easily possible to create an attractive card with little in the way of materials or talent, so next time a birthday comes around why not give it a go? At the very least, you will get points for effort.

Molly Turner is a keen crafter and particularly enjoys making greetings cards for her friends and family. She uses for all her equipment.