Mineral water vs normal water

Drinking water is most certainly a good thing. Water is an essential part of a living being. Water is important in carrying out several functions in our body as well as it also helps in transporting essential substances throughout our body. Water which is used for drinking or cooking purpose should always be safe and pure. Consuming dirty water or using it for cooking purposes can be bad for health.

Mineral water

Many of us also consume activated charcoal water and this can also be quite unfit for our health. But when it comes to mineral water or normal tap water, which is pure and safe for human consumption? Mineral water does not necessarily mean water with minerals because every form of water has got some amount of mineral in it. Bottled water is actually referred to as the mineral water. According to the study, mineral water must contain approximately 250 parts per million of dissolved mineral content that originally comes from underground water sources. This is how mineral water has to come out of the earth. Mineral water mainly contains essential substances like magnesium, sodium, calcium, and zinc. It is, in fact, a better and the most effective way to boost and also increase our mineral intake.

Aquaguard water purifiers also give out mineral water. Although water purifiers have got its own pros and cons. Any problem faced while handling a water purifier can be solved by contacting aquaguard complaint number. Studies have shown that mineral water also has major health benefits too. Few mineral glasses of water are even a good source of calcium and are good for keeping our bones healthy. So mineral water is basically water which contains added minerals which also alters the taste sometimes. Mineral water is usually obtained from natural springs water sources and then it is bottled in glass or plastic bottles. As far as consumption of mineral water is concerned more than 3000 varieties of mineral water bottles are sold all over the world.

Tap water

Tap water is obtained through the system of pipes, pumps and also a purification tank that are connected to several homes and buildings in all the developed areas. Tap water is way cheaper than mineral water and is also easily available. It is known that many places or countries have almost stopped using tap water directly for drinking or cooking purposes due to contamination. Tap water can be hard as well as soft which gets delivered to the household through the complex system of pipelines, pumps or purification system. Water that goes through plastic pipelines connected to taps is not much clean as compared to water passing through copper or brass pipes.

Tap water is known to contain less amount of contaminants. Weather or geological factors are responsible for determining what quantity of chemicals are present. Tap water is also more sustainable than mineral water.

It has reported that most companies that claim packaged drinking water contains pure mineral water may not be true as it may also contain purified tap water.