Moms and Cocktails: A Hazardous Trend On The Rise

Hardworking mothers are more than entitled to an occasional night of fun and relaxation with their friends. While the kids are left home with dad or a babysitter, a mom can head out with her girlfriends and enjoy a few drinks at a local bar or restaurant.

While few people dispute the validity of such occasional enjoyments, women who decide to indulge in a rare night out with friends should be aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. In fact, a recent study by the U.S. Department of Transportation shows that the rise of women being detained for DUIs has increased by more than 30% in the last few years.

Once a public safety issue largely relegated to men and risk-taking teenagers, more mothers are finding themselves behind bar for this offense. When a mother decides that she needs a night off from the kids and the housework, she should still be aware of how to avoid this offense and what to do if she is detained for DUI.

Moms and Cocktails A Hazardous Trend On The Rise

It may be helpful to practice reverse engineering when considering a night out with the girls. Start with the worst case scenario and work backwards towards the prevention.

Retain Legal Representation

If they are detained for DUI, it is vital that women call an attorney immediately. When an attorney is brought into their case, mothers have bail posted and return home to their kids. They can also be represented in the court hearings and perhaps have the charge dismissed or reduced. A lawyer can make sure a hardworking mother’s rights are protected and that her best interests are presented in court.

It is important to obtain counsel from a professional that is knowledgeable of your state’s statutes on DUI. For instance, Richmond moms charged with driving under influence would contact a Virginia DUI attorneys firm.

Be Accountable for Each Other

One of the best ways to for moms to avoid drinking too much is by using a buddy system when they are out for a night of fun. If each mother makes it a point to be accountable for another friend in the group, everyone in the group can have a safety net in place to avoid consuming too much liquor.

When a friend sees that her chosen buddy is drinking more than the agreed upon limit, she can cut that friend off from ordering any more drinks. This safety precaution can make sure that everyone in the group stays at their decided upon limit and keeps everyone from getting drunk.

Even with the best of safety measures and buddy systems in place, mothers can still be prone to driving while intoxicated. In fact, one mother in Richmond, VA recently was detained for this offense and was determined to have a blood alcohol content of .108, well above the state’s legal BAC limit.

If women are detained for this crime, it is imperative that they know what to do to minimize this charge’s impact on their lives. Mothers arguably have more at stake when they face this charge in court. They can act quickly to make sure that their legal rights are protected.

Limit the Drinks Served and Consumed

This tip is very obvious, and indeed most moms have no intention of getting obliterated when they go out to drink with friends. However, once that first drink is served, it can be very tempting to order another, particularly if the group of friends is consuming hard whiskey or mixed drinks.

After the first few drinks are gone, moms may lose track of how many drinks they have actually consumed. They can keep track of their alcohol consumption by keeping their empty glasses on the table so they can keep count, or by asking the server to cut them off after they have each had one or two drinks.

More women are facing DUI charges than ever before. Knowing how to avoid the consumption of too much liquor during a Moms Night Out can make all the difference. In addition, acting quickly if she is detained after a night of drinking can help a mother minimize the impact of this charge on her life and that of her family.

Jamica Bell is a blogger and a mother who plans monthly Mom’s Night Outs with friends. Fortunately, her events have never ended in a DUI. In the event a night out involves cocktails, a designated driver is always appointed. Virginia DUI attorneys, the Wilson Law Firm, is a group dedicated to the legal defense of individuals charged with driving under the influence.  

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