More About Infertility Treatment

If you are a couple who has tried to become pregnant with no success after at least two years of trying, then it is a good idea to seek the assistance of a reputable infertility clinic. Most couples will start with speaking with their regular gynecologist, tracking ovulation cycles and body temperatures. If these steps don’t produce results, they will refer you to a infertility specialist.

An infertility specialist will work with both the male and the female to get a big picture to better see the problems that may be preventing a couple from becoming pregnant. If the female is over the age of 35, or have suffered several miscarriages there are specific test that will be performed. Males who will have their seed tested for poor performance or lethargy to also address issues on that front. There are also support groups that can assist with the mental pressure of not being able to get pregnant.

More About Infertility Treatment

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As a couple, there is some research that should be completed before seeking the services of an infertility clinic. Making a list of the procedures and test you are expected to take will reduce the amount of shock when visiting the clinic for the first time. In addition, learning all of the steps that you may encounter during treatment will help you understand just how far you want to go with the infertility process. The cost of reproductive treatment can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantees of success. In addition to the cost, the hormones and strong medication used for treatment can cause a range of highly fluctuating emotions on top of the ones already present from not being able to conceive. Knowing in advance the risk, rewards and options allows you to make a more informed decision regarding the treatment option you choose.

After arming yourself with information, your next step is choosing a clinic that serves not only your medical needs, but also fits in with your budgetary constraints. A good source for finding a reputable infertility clinic is the CDC website. The list provided on the site has a updated statistical grid that shows the success rates of each clinic that is licensed to practice infertility medicine. It is important to note that the rates are updated on a bi-yearly basis so check the dates prior to choosing a center for further consideration. The staff turnover rates in most infertility centers tend to be higher than other types of medical offices, but the list gives a good set of numbers to start your search.

It’s tempting to pick the center with the highest rate of success, but that should never be the only reason for choosing a particular infertility clinic. Clinics that have very high number may only treat certain types of cases, or women that don’t pass a certain age. Other centers that may have slightly lower numbers may have a higher success rate with complicated cases such as tubal obstructions, or infertility in women over 40. It’s very important to ask a range of questions when speaking with the specialist to get a better feel for the services they can offer your family.