More Patterns, More Dangerous For Children’s Furniture

On choosing children’s furniture, the expert from pointed that lot of parents like buying the furniture with exquisite design and cartoon patterns. These items are very dangerous in the eyes of the testing workers. More patterns, more harmful substances.

The wireless charging products are in popular these days, which are convenient and intelligent. Amounts of families are willing to buy them. However, how do you know whether they are safe or not? How to recognize them? Experts remind you that you should see the Qi sign when you buy the tailless appliances.

See the Qi Sign when Buying the Tailless Appliances

More and more people are annoyed by the days stumbled with electric wires. Therefore, the wireless charging products are coming out. Cellphone can auto charging on the platform without any linkage of wires. The electric cooker can cook only put it on a round plate. ……

Of course, every coin has two sides. When the wireless products bring us convenience, we should pay attention to the potential safety hazard such as bad contact, leakage of electricity and electric shock etc.

Therefore, it is very important for you to see the Qi sign when you buy this kind of products. As long as it has the Qi sign, it can do the effective and safe wireless charge by other products with Qi sign. Besides, the products with the China CCC sign, America FCC sign or Europe CE sign, we can learn that these products have reliable safety and electromagnetic radiation abilities. You can buy them without worry.

More Patterns, More Dangerous For Children’s Furniture

More Pattern, more Dangerous for Children’s Durniture

As to choosing children’s furniture, William, the expert from pointed that that lots of parents like buying the furniture with exquisite design and cartoon patterns. These items are very dangerous in the eyes of the testing workers. More patterns, more harmful substances. Some furniture business advertised that their products are in zero formaldehyde release. William says that it is impossible, for there is formaldehyde even in our body. We have to see the amounts and release items to judge whether it is harmful or not.

Skills for choosing Children’s Furniture

First, parents should buy the furniture which is suitable for children’s age. Most of the children’s furniture gives clear indication that what age is suitable for this furniture. According to different age, the furniture has different function. Parents should buy the furniture according to their age to avoid hurting them. Second, without glass for the lower part of the furniture If the furniture contains glass parts under 160cm, it is not safe for children. For most of the furniture does not have protection management. Parents should buy the furniture with anti-push or anti-pull function. What’s more, parents should see whether the furniture is in good condition of ventilation.

Third, try not choosing the furniture with too bright colors. The harmful substances are much higher in bright color furniture compared with achromatic color furniture such as white. Parents should improve their environmental protection conscious to keep their children from being affected. If you want to know more, you can learn it on