Must Have Traditional Toys For A Nursery

Picking the items for a child’s nursery is an exciting time for any parent. Historically nurseries were the places children spent most of their time with their tutors or governesses.

Often a child would not leave the nursery until they were of age like Wendy in Peter Pan, who is only days away from having to leave her beloved nursery. But one does not have to fly away to escape adulthood, when they can accessorise their child’s nursery with beautiful items.


What are the Key Nursery Toys

Parents take much delight in picking the perfect items for their baby’s nursery. But in a world where there is something for every need, it can be difficult to select the perfect toy for the nursery. The practical basics are easy to sort out, such as a crib and extra bedding, but what makes the nursery a truly personal space for parent and baby is the selection of toys.

Aesthetic Beauty of Toys

A mobile is a pretty addition to any nursery; its uses are not confined to being aesthetic. A mobile is a soothing distraction for a young baby, as the swaying motions will lull them to peaceful sleep, and for an older baby it is a delightful item to reach for, which also helps develop coordination for the baby. Mobiles come in a variety of styles and functions, some that play gentle tunes to help soothe any weary baby to sleep.

Nursery Toy Types

A rattle is a traditional toy that has seen many reinventions over the years into different shapes and different materials. Rattles are wonderful toys for babies, they delight for hours and distract them easily. When a baby comes to teething, a soft fabric rattle also doubles up as a soothing comforter for them to chew on.

No nursery is complete without a set of building blocks. Vintage wooden sets can be purchased with a little hunting online, but most are made from fabric these days due to safety regulars. A wooden set will look wonderful on a shelf, and a fabric set make a brilliant toy that will give hours of fun for an older baby.

What do Babies Need?

Babies look anything that has different textures, and cloth books are a wonderful way to begin educating a baby whilst encouraging play. Very often their first toy is an heirloom item that will last for many years. Comforters come in many colors and styles of animals, from cute rabbits to cuddly bears. It very much is the traditional toys that parents come back to time and time again.

A beautiful doll might not be used by baby for a few years but a lovely doll can be a display item that watches lovingly over the growth of your little girl until she is old enough to enjoy a doll. Vintage style porcelain can add that sense of vintage style to a baby’s nursery.

As vintage items become more fashionable, it is difficult to find items that match the sense of vintage style. A Gift for Girls specializes in beautiful dolls that will look in place in any nursery of any era.

Kate has an interest in heirloom items and loves the idea of traditional items with a fresh, modern twist.She has worked for a number of different companies in the toy industry, however, currently works at A Girl For All Time.