On Trend Bridesmaid Dress Tips and Ideas

Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be just as stressful as finding a wedding dress, and the fun of dress shopping can become mind-numbingly difficult if you have fussy bridesmaids or a demanding bride. However, finding a dress both the bride and the bridesmaids love, that matches the colour scheme and doesn’t steal the bride’s thunder, doesn’t have to be a mammoth task. You could find a stunning bridesmaid dress painlessly, simply by following these easy tips and dress ideas. To find on trend bridesmaid dresses, see http://www.hitched.com.au/bridesmaids-dresses/.


There is nothing worse than falling out with your bridesmaids over their dresses. Dress shopping should be a part of the fun and enjoyable wedding experience, not a fashion war. Each bridesmaid needs to be comfortable, yet the bride should be happy with the given choice. Each bridesmaid’s taste should be considered, as well as the colour scheme and style of the wedding.

On Trend Bridesmaid Dress Tips and Ideas

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If you are having trouble finding one dress each bridesmaid is happy with, why not mix it up? Each maid could have a dress of the same colour and similar style, but with a different neckline, shoulder, or patterning to give each girl her subtle individuality. The styles should work together and one should not outshine the other; the differences should be small but sweet.


When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, you should consider the overall style and feel of your wedding. The bridesmaid dress acts as one of the details that pulls a wedding together, which means it has to fit in. If for example, you are having a summer wedding, a suitable bridesmaid dress might be floaty and made of light material such as chiffon. This will also be more comfortable to wear in the heat and will look more natural in the sun. Noir by Lazarno do a great range of floaty, fun bridesmaid dresses.

If your wedding has a particular theme, your choice in bridesmaid dress should cater to it. Even if you want the theme to be very subtle, the choice of dress for the maids will make all the difference. If you were to go for a 50’s themed wedding, you could find a subtle but beautiful bridesmaid dress in the Mori Lee designer range.


Regardless as to who is paying for the bridesmaid dresses, make sure you decide on a reasonable budget for the price of each dress. If your budget is fairly high, it might be a good idea to choose a dress that can be worn on a different occasion, especially if the bridesmaid is purchasing it herself. If this is the case, a bride should have a say on the choice of dress, however allow her bridesmaids a bit more flexibility in their agreed choice of style; it is after all her money.

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If you are stuck for a colour that will suit all your bridesmaids, colours emerald green and purple suit almost all skin types and hair colours.