Once-A-Year Services To Make Your Home Cleaning Easy

When maintaining your home there are many tasks that require annual maintenance. However, there are some things that can be done annually to make your daily cleaning easier. Making sure that these few tasks are done once a year will make things easier on you when carrying out your normal cleaning tasks.

Keeping Your Air Clean

One important service that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home is keeping your air filtration system clean. Most people know that you should change the filter on your heater and air conditioning unit at least once a year, but there are other things that should be done as well to keep your air clean and spread less dust throughout your home as well. The vents should be removed from the floor, ceiling, or wall and thoroughly dusted once a year.

Once-A-Year Services To Make Your Home Cleaning Easy

Floor Cleanliness

When it comes to hardwood, tile, or linoleum, pulling out all furniture and appliances and sweeping and moping under them is a great idea to make sure your house is free of grime and dust. Where you have carpet, you would want to pull out all furniture and appliances and vacuum under them as well. Another way to keep it clean is thoroughly shampooing all of the carpet in your home, this gets the dirt that has been ground into it and helps to keep it looking its best. If you have hardwood, you might want to have it buffed and a protective coat put on once a year to keep it looking top notch.

Cleaning Appliances and Fixtures

When doing your once-a-year cleaning, make sure that you have all of your light fixtures and ceiling fans dusted out and off. Pulling out your refrigerator and vacuuming the condenser coils will help keep it in running order, as well as keep the amount of dust in your home down.

Maintaining Walls

When doing your yearly cleaning, another thing to keep in mind is the walls. Washing the walls down will help keep them looking less grimy and keep your house looking its best as well. You may not notice the difference over the year, but when you wash them you will see how much dust they actually collect over the year.

There are many things that you can do or have done to keep your house looking its best. There are companies who will come in and help you do all this stuff. Professionals will give you tips or even have a service that will come in and help get it done. Keeping your house clean is not as daunting as is it seems.

Information Source: Grimebusters Ltd.