Top 5 Outdoor Workout Tips For Women

Taking your workout to the great outdoors is a wonderful way to exercise. Being outside, bonding with nature, and letting your body get in tune with the natural world around you without the restrictions of a gym is invigorating.

So what are the best ways to maximize your outdoors workout? Here are the top 5 I’ve found:


1) Running Or Walking

Running or walking outside has a way of injecting life back into your workout, especially when you take that to a park or a trail. Whether it’s being surrounded by ducks paddling through the pond, or running up a dirt trail with trees and bushes on either side of you, running or walking outside in nature alleviates stress and lets your mind and body just be free.

2) Go In Groups

Working out outside is great, and it’s even better when you go in a group or with a partner. Working out with someone else keeps you motivated, and you both can encourage each other. Plus it’s just more fun, especially when you both reach your fitness goals together!

3) Wear Good Shoes

I can’t emphasize this enough. Nothing halts a good workout faster than sore feet. Make sure your shoes are up to the challenge by giving you the proper support wherever your feet need it.

Good shoes should pad the heels and arches of your feet properly. They should also not put too much pressure on your toes. Remember, happy feet equal a happy workout!

4) Set Reasonable Goals

Working out outside can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re trying to tackle a trail with numerous inclines or something similar. Know your limitations and set your expectations appropriately. Take the mountain literally one step at a time, and eventually you’ll make it all the way up, when you’re ready.

5) Listen To Your Heart (Body)

Sometimes we forget we are human and just get caught up in the wonder and splendor of the outdoors. This is great, as it can motivate you during your workout. But it is also important to listen for any warning signs your body might be telling you.

If you feel yourself start to itch, you might have just run through a patch of pollen. Or maybe there is something you are allergic to in the air. If your knee is starting to feel a little wobbly, it might be because of the trail you’re running on. But no matter what the symptoms are, remember to take care of your body so it can take care of you.

Above all, be prepared. Wear sunscreen when it’s sunny, a jacket when it’s windy, have water or something with electrolytes with you to keep you hydrated, and make sure to eat something prior to working out outside.

By following these tips and being prepared, you’ll be sure to thoroughly make the most of your time outside. You’ll look forward to doing it more often and enjoy doing it. And when it comes to working out outside, there really isn’t anything more important than that!

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