Outgrown Your Car? What to Look For In A Car For Large Families

Families often outgrow any size sedan or compact car. When a family exceeds four people, a larger family car may be needed to accommodate growing kids, cargo, pets, groceries, and anything else that’s along for the ride! When searching for a large, family-friendly car, you should consider the following characteristics to ensure your next vehicle is the best fit possible for your family:

Interior Space & Comfort

A large family needs a vehicle that is spacious and comfortable inside. Therefore, it’s important to find a car model with plenty of leg room for the passengers. Vehicles with multiple rows of seats have variable leg room because the seats can move forward and backward. Features such as cup holders, door side storage compartments and adjustable headrests are also family friendly highlights to consider. Additionally, kids riding in the back of a vehicle should enjoy their own climate control.

Cargo Space

Families need plenty of space to bring along cargo on daily rides and weekend trips. A power liftgate surely makes it more convenient to load or unload cargo compared to a traditional trunk. Additionally, the rear seats of a family friendly vehicle can be folded down completely to double the total cargo volume available. For example, there are seats with designs such as 60/40 and 50/50 split. An Edmonton truck upfitting specialist recommends crossover SUVs, Sport Utility Vehicles, wagons and hatchbacks for families that need a lot of cargo space, as these have convenient liftgates and variable spaces. Look for roof rails as well, as these will make it possible to bring along additional cargo.

Outgrown Your Car? What to Look For In A Car For Large Families

Versatility of Pickup Trucks

A pickup truck can be used as a work and family vehicle. For instance, a four door cabin is spacious enough to accommodate up to five total passengers with two rows of seats. Such interior space is comparable to a sedan or crossover SUV. A pickup truck also offers plenty of cargo space in the rear bed, which can store large objects that can’t fit inside SUVs. Additionally, pickup trucks are powerful enough to tow trailers that can be loaded with thousands of pounds of gross weight. ATVs, boats and other heavy equipment can be easily hauled by such versatile pickups.

Entertainment and Extra Features

A family-friendly car should have a rear entertainment system to keep the kids occupied on long road trips. It’s possible to watch movies on DVD or play video games while riding in a comfortable crossover, full size SUV or minivan. A power sunroof is another family friendly feature in a vehicle. Kids can enjoy some sunshine or feel the cool breeze while cruising on the road.

A family-friendly vehicle is designed to accommodate the needs of parents as well as kids. Interior comfort and space for cargo are some key features in such a car.

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