Party Hard! 6 Ways To Party And Still Be Responsible & Safe

Responsibility and partying don’t usually go together. One drink leads to another, and before you know it you are buying the entire bar a round. If you stay in control of yourself, have a plan, and set limits, it is possible, however, to keep yourself in check.

Stay in Control

One of the fastest ways for a drinker to lose all concern for their responsibilities is to lose control. It is important to keep track of the drinks you are consuming and to know your limit. Concentrating on having a fun time without overdoing it will prove to be a rewarding balance.

Set a Spending Limit

All too often bar-hoppers wake up the next morning with a tab that is higher than was expected. Set a limit for yourself when going to the bar. Taking only the desired amount of cash out with you is a great way to keep on track.

Party Hard! 6 Ways To Party And Still Be Responsible & Safe

Have a Way Home

Probably the most important part of the night is when you need to get home. Unfortunately, this is also usually the time when you would be under the influence of alcohol the most. Having a way to get home allows you to be at ease knowing you will make it there safely.

Have a Plan

Having a plan might seem like the opposite of what you want to worry about when you out having a round of beers with your friends. Creating a loose plan, however, can help keep you on the responsible side. You and your friends could agree that you are going to stay in a particular part of town. With everyone on the same page the plan has a better chance of holding true.

Get a Lawyer

When your plans go south, lawyers put an extra barrier between you and the law. You may come to find out that you are innocent or have your charges significantly reduced. A number of lawyers such as DUI defense lawyer, Bradley Corbett specialize specifically in DUI defense cases and can be a great resource in times of distress and need.

Inform Others

Inform friends and relatives of your plan. Having someone that is sober and knows what you are doing can be extremely helpful. This person might give you a call in the morning and check on you.

Have Someone There Looking Out For You

Adults like to go out and have fun with their friends, but there are a lot of dangers out there and those dangers increase even more when you are intoxicated and potentially a big group of girls together. Try bringing some of your guy friends along, or having some friends there that wouldn’t be interested in drinking. These simple ideas can become life savers later on.

With alcohol’s influence over you it can be tempting to disregard your responsibilities. Just remember that after the fun is over and the bar is closed your personal responsibilities live on. And you have to live with what happens. Make sure to have a plan and play it safe.