Party Planning, And How I Learned To Love The Sweets Bowl

Okay, so you may have just inadvertently invited over your friends next weekend for a get together. Cool! You might need to clean up the place, scrub the hard to reach surfaces and buy some cheap cup coasters and plastic bowls, but besides that… Everything should be simple. I mean, you can just open your fridge and there you…
Oh, right. The fridge is empty, as are the cupboards. You consider for a minute that feeding your guests celery sticks with month old ranch dressing would be adequate, but the party planner inside of you quickly discards the idea and now you’re at an impasse. What in the world are you going to stuff into their mouths?

Maybe… Maybe some salsa, with chips? No, no, you got that last time. Meat and cheese platter? Too filling for a movie. Perhaps… Yes, that sounds perfect. You can indulge your sweet cravings and host a great get together at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the logistics of this idea. Getting enough sweets by the next week is no big deal. After all, there’s a candy store nearby and probably at least three huge online sellers that service your region. So, these are the questions that need to be answered:

  •  How much candy?
  •  What kind of candy?
  •  How many different types of candy?

Most candy outlets will tell you one thing: Estimate above expectations. It’s generally a good policy to purchase at least eight ounces of sweets for every guest. Eight ounces comes out to about 226 grams, or about a US measurement cup. Sounds like a lot, but you need to consider that some of your sweets will be bigger than others, and that they’ll be munching on this stuff for at least two hours and might be bringing home some. If you have five guests coming over, you’re looking at a little over a kilogram of sweets.

Honestly, from a personal view point, I recommend adding some more to that order. You never know how much they’ll be eating, and anything extra is something you can enjoy once the guests are gone and you’re left alone to your own devices. But remember, cater to the guest first!

This brings us to the next question: What kind of candy do you purchase? Hopefully, you know your friends enough to know what their favourite candy is, so make sure you get a little bit of each. Of course, keep some variety. Some chocolate would be nice, as would some mints. Sour sweets, hard candies… There are several dozen choices, but don’t fret. You might already have enough candy based on their favourites. If not, just pick a few things that look tasteful. You expand your sweet tooth and try something new, bonus!

I like to get one of those large, sectioned platters from the grocery store. Eat whatever that is on it in my own time, wash it, and then you literally have a candy tray for when you have visitors. Now, of course, there’s a sweets store just nearby, so it’s super easy for me to organize something like this. I often try a new type of candy every single time once I get the favourites out of the way. I’ve never received a complaint from the guests about it, and if I’m to be blunt, I actually think some of them like the new candies I put out on the tray.

There’s nothing quite like buying something new and seeing a friend snacking on it in the following weeks. They got into eating that delicious snack because of you and your platter. You fill their tummies, you host them, you have fun with them, and hell, now you’ve given them a new snack for their future.

Keep the sugar flowing!

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Angela Winders is the UK-based company founder of Billy Bonkers Sweets, an online sweets outlet that caters to the sweet tooth of all men and women alike. She is a huge sweets enthusiast and loves infusing her daily life with it wherever possible.

Party Planning, And How I Learned To Love The Sweets Bowl