Personal Trainers – Will They Hold Back Information?

One of the biggest requirements before you hire personal trainers in Halifax for your fitness goals is to establish how comfortable you feel with the trainer and how much of trust you can place in him. Now the term ‘trust’ can be applied across many dimensions such as:


  • Confidence in his knowledge and expertise levels
  • Trusting him to work out a routine that is meant for your body and your fitness goals
  • His ability to listen to you with undivided attention
  • Helping you overcome any obstacles that come your way as you work out
  • Trusting him to share all relevant information with you as far as fitness is concerned

Interestingly enough, there are also some things that your personal trainers may not tell you. Not all of this is bad though, but you should know how to sort through the communications and interaction you have with him so you can rest assured that you are armed with all the information you need.

How hard will he push you?

There is indeed a fine line between being tough on you and being rough on you. Personal trainers should always know your limits and learn how much they can push you beyond this limit. Too much pushing will always bring with it the risk of injury. This is especially important when you may have some medical condition that he should be aware of and incorporate in your working out routine.


Depending on the qualifications of the personal trainers in Halifax, they can or cannot give you advice on nutrition. Nutrition is a specialized “area” when it comes to weight loss. Ideally, you should be able to rely on the advice of a nutritionist for the same. Certainly, a fitness trainer or personal trainer will be able to tell what is good and what is bad for your body but with regards to specific nutritional intake, it may be better to rely on a nutritionist.

 Being realistic about goals

Personal trainers should work with you in order to set realistic goals. This means that the goals should not be too easy to achieve nor should they be very difficult. If you set extremely difficult goals, then the likelihood of you not achieving them is pretty high and this will lead to you being extremely demoralised and being derailed from your fitness regime. If the goals are extremely easy to achieve then you are probably going to get lax about following your fitness routine for a sustained amount of time.

 Being focused as far as fitness is concerned

When you speak to your personal trainers, be very sure about the kind of goals that you are setting. For instance, your fitness goals could vary between:

  • Losing a certain amount of weight
  • Inches loss
  • Building muscles
  • Building a six pack abs and so on

It is critical that your personal trainers understand the difference in all these goals and create a routine that is based on the achievement of these goals.

Finally, you can also watch out for things like how exactly the personal trainers in Halifax are using your time. During a thirty minute or one hour session with you, a personal trainer should be able to put you through different types of exercises and routines in order to help you work out your entire body.

James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.