Physiotherapy Intervention Can Heal Some Achilles Tendon Issues Completely

You do not need to be a sports person to take good care of your Achilles tendon. There are multiple reasons that should keep you indebted to your calf muscles and the main bunch of tendons that is pulling them together to create maximum thrust at the time of your limb movement. This tendon is strong enough to bear up to four times of the weight of human body at the time of walking, while it is able to carry up to eight times the weight of the same body at the time of running. Any institute offering treatment pertaining to Physiotherapy in NE Calgary have a team of specialists dealing with the problem of injury, sprain or pain due to any other worse situations of Achilles tendons.

This particular tendon pulls together the muscles of gastrocnemius, plantaris and soleus to the heel of a person. This 15cm long tendon is considered to be the strongest of all human tendons. The function of it is so important to most of the body functions that even the slightest injury to it causes a huge damage to healthy living and body movement. When it gets injured, often special reconstruction surgery is done to cure the problem. The other option for treating Achilles injury is different branches of physiotherapy. Podiatrists also use different types of equipments, orthotics and other aids to solve any problem of the Achilles tendon. Anti-inflammatory medicines are also used to correct some misalignment of tendon and cure any type of pain in the region. The therapies related to solving any kind of problem of the tendons are called tendinopathy. However, most of the anti-inflammatory are not suggested to be taken for a long term.

Physiotherapy Intervention Can Heal Some Achilles Tendon Issues Completely

Apart from the cases related to tendon injuries, different other forms of pains, sprains and calf stretching problems are often solved by the experts’ team in different institutes offering Physiotherapy in NE Calgary. The intervention of physiotherapy is often required for solving issues like, calf stretching or strengthening of the calf muscles and tendons. In some cases, fabrication of ankle-foot-orthosis is applied for solving different Achilles issues. The process can be done with the help of occupational therapist or a hand therapist. The process is called AFO in short form. Apart from reducing pain in the region, the AFO process is also instrumental in healing the muscle area for added strength during stretching.

In the cases of 100% rupture of tendons, surgery is required. During the post surgery period AFO and different other forms of physiotherapy are required for complete cure of the region and making the region stronger. In such cases, complete healing can take up to eighteen months for complete cure.

No matter how well your surgery succeeds, complete healing is not possible without requisite amount of physiotherapy and different other forms of exercises. That is why physiotherapists are always on demand for several techniques of orthopedic treatments. Even surgeries cannot ensure complete healing without enough support from efficient physiotherapists.

Author’s Bio: Alice Aires is a physical trainer who helps patients suffering from different orthopedic ailments. She loves sharing her knowledge about this type of therapy through her blogs and articles.