PIP Rubber Repair System And Bonded Rubber Mulch

playground swing setDo your kids ever come home from the playground with dirty or stained clothing? There is nothing more frustrating sometimes as a parent. You work hard to keep your child looking nice, after all. Sometimes, also at playgrounds, the surface temperature gets too hot. This is not safe at all for young children, or anyone for that matter. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still receive unpleasant burns from super-hot surfaces at the playground.

PIP Rubber Repair System can get playgrounds looking awesome again. Everyone wants kids to have a good time in a safe way. If your kid is coming home from the daycare’s playground looking like he/she just got out of the mines, don’t worry. Something can be done about it. Maintenance of playgrounds doesn’t have to be costly, either. A simple process can save your budget while keeping playgrounds open and safe. It can also be environmentally friendly.

What Is Bonded Rubber Mulch?
You have probably seen this product before but never really noticed it. That is because bonded rubber mulch is so effective at what it does most people don’t even give it a second glance. That’s how you can tell something is working, though.

Bonded rubber mulch consists of two simple materials:

●   Rubber mulch

●   Polyurethane binder

One layer of the rubber mulch is mixed with the polyurethane binder. This is then screed to the desired depth and finished with a trowel.

Bonded rubber mulch can be installed on compacted dirt or even sand. The SBR Mulch is colored with a dye which stops the rubber oxidizing and breaking down. The polyurethane also gives the rubber extra protection.

What Is So Great About Bonded Rubber Mulch?
PIP Rubber Repair System And Bonded Rubber Mulch
If you love cost-effective strategies, the environment, and having fun, bonded rubber mulch might be what you are looking for. It works well for the following reasons:

●   High durability

●   Tested materials that are proven to be the best

●   Customized to fit the needs of individuals

●   A porous design that allows for the free flow of water

●   Pleasing to the eye

●   Recycled, thus very eco-friendly

You can probably even think of more reasons why this product would work in a great way for you.

Where Can This Material Work For Me?

This set-up can work wonders in almost any area. It works extremely well in playgrounds, gardens, footpaths, jogging trails, biking trails, and patios. With the added bonus of being good for the environment, this really is a smart thing. We have done a lot of damage to our earth in the past, so the wise decisions we make now can have a large, positive impact on the future.

The next time you are out on a walk in the park, take a look around you and see if you can tell how the park is actually put together. We hardly ever notice things like this, but doing so can really effect the way we see the world.

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