Planning Your Dream Wedding? 5 Budget Friendly Tips For The Big Day

Planning a dream wedding is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Many couples believe to plan a fabulous wedding they need to deplete their bank accounts. This is just not true. There are many ways to have the ultimate dream wedding without breaking the budget. Here are five tips for having a budget-friendly dream wedding.

Skip The Wedding Planner

Wedding planners may seem like the way to go, but they are a huge expense. Instead, seek the help from friends and family when planning a wedding. They will love to give their input and extend a helping hand. If one cannot dream of planning a wedding without a professional wedding planner, then it is important to set a budget. Most planners are paid hourly, so a bride and groom should set an amount of hours with the planner that they can easily afford.

Planning Your Dream Wedding? 5 Budget Friendly Tips For The Big Day

Hair and Makeup

Many brides bring in professional makeup artists and stylists for their bridal party. If a bride is planning to pay for the entire cost, then they should research different packages. There are plenty of wedding packages to compare, and a bride should not settle. Some professionals are willing to negotiate a more affordable deal depending on how many people are in the party.


A photographer can quickly raise the bill of a wedding. A great way to still get a professional photographer without forking over the big bucks is to hire a photographer who is still building their portfolio. Many new photographers will shoot the entire wedding at a huge discount just to get a gig. To ensure that they are a good match, the bride and groom should ask for sample shots of their previous work.


Centerpieces are another part of a wedding that takes a huge chunk out of the budget. Even with all the money spent on centerpieces, many guests still barely notice them. Instead of splurging on pricey decorations, the couple should look at cheaper do-it-yourself options.

Open Bar

One of the largest expenses at a wedding is having an open bar. Instead of having an open bar, a couple on a budget should just pay for a toast of champagne. For couples with a larger budget, a pricier option is to only pay for the bridal and groom party. Both options save a significant amount of money when compared to having an open bar.

These five tips will help any bride and groom save money on their big day. For those who are short on a budget for their wedding, the experts from recommend a cash advance. This is always an option when you don’t want to cut any corners on your big day!