Pre-workout Versus Post-workout Supplements: One, Both or Neither?

Pre-workout Versus Post-workout Supplements: One, Both or Neither?There are different reasons for why an athlete may choose to take workout supplements in addition to their daily nutrition intake. For muscle recovery and strength, vitamin and protein increase, and prevent or recover from an injury. So next time you work out, should a pre or post-workout supplement be included? Or is a healthy diet enough?


Pre-workout Supplement Nutrition

For many athletes and body builders that are looking to gain muscle, a pre-workout supplement can give them the energy and focus that they need. Athletes also find that they have more endurance and their muscles are able to keep up better with their training, reducing any chance of injury. When you consider a pre-workout supplement, it should include different ingredients that cover all areas of energy, focus, and endurance. One pre-workout supplement with the essential ingredients is Gaspari Superdrive and if you like caffeine, then pre-workout supplements such as this brand will give you plenty of that.

Besides an extra kick of energy, a pre-workout supplement will directly have an effect on how your muscles are able to react to an intense workout:

  • Taurine helps control muscle contractions
  • BCAAs such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine help reduce the breakdown of muscle tissues
  • Creatine helps to increase strength of lifting and intense cross-training with different lifting machines

Post-workout Supplement Nutrition

Where a pre-workout supplement helps get you energized and focused for your workout, a post-supplement is a great way to wind down while ensuring that your muscles stay healthy. To help take care of your muscles, the main ingredient in post supplements includes whey protein. A popular option is to take this ingredient in the form of a protein shake after you work out.  Like pre-workout supplements, the whey protein ingredient in post-workout supplements is chock full of beneficial BCAAS. Because of this, whey protein can be quickly digested, giving the body necessary nutrients to help restore and grow muscle as well as help in preventing future injuries.

Another essential ingredient found in post supplements is creatine. Like whey protein, creatine can help increase muscle and reduce injuries post-workout as well as improve reaction time and inflammation.

Is A Natural Diet Just as Good or Better?

Some people may not like the idea of taking additional supplements and prefer to build and protect muscle naturally with a healthy diet and plenty of water. If you so choose to, the only changes you would probably have to make to your diet would be to eat balanced meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein to stay healthy while building muscle.

If you continuously workout and are looking for a way to build muscle while reducing the chance of injury, then a pre-workout or post-workout supplement could be a good addition to your training. If you plan to work out more extensively, you will need that energy and focus to help you start and the supplements to help repair and build your muscle after you work out to help you wind down. If you choose to include a supplement along with a healthy diet, take time and read the ingredients and take as directed before making a purchase.