Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

Many people retreat to the comforts of their warm homes during this time of year, but preparing your lawn now for the upcoming spring season will have its benefits. Not only will you have less yard work to do, but you will also be greeted with a beautiful lawn come springtime. Try to take care of as many landscaping issues as you can now so when spring arrives, you can sit back and enjoy the weather.  Here are several small projects you can do now in your landscaping initiative:

Overseed Your Lawn

If you have cooler season grass in your lawn, you know that summer isn’t usually too kind to it. If you notice any brown or bare spots on your lawn, it might require some sowing to fill in those eye-sores. To get started, make sure to cut your lawn very short. This will give the new sowing seeds a chance to survive against the glass its competing against for sunlight and nutrients. Once you sow the seeds, make sure to water frequently for germination and fertilize when you see evidence of new blades. Showing your lawn some proper TLC will pay off when you see the new grass that will be sprouting.

Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

Getting Rid of All the Dead Leaves

One of the most beautiful parts of fall are the vibrant colors that are on display as the green leaves of spring and summer change into shades of orange, yellow, auburn and brown. It’s quite the sight to behold, but unfortunately this also means that they’re on the verge of dying soon. Once those leaves fall, it can cause quite a hassle to dispose of them. Raking the leaves with a traditional rake can be frustrating and time consuming. You can try the gadgets that are available like the more technology-friendly gadgets such as using a vacuum mulcher or a leaf blower. Just remember to get rid of the leaves as soon as possible as they can quickly damage your lawn.

Adding Fun Landscape Accents You Can Enjoy Year-Round

Adding fun landscape accents outside can add value to your lawn. For example, consider constructing an outdoor fire pit for fun nights you can enjoy outside. An outdoor fire pit is a great spot for you to spend some festive holiday time around or to roast marshmallows and hang out with friends during the warmer months. For more ideas on fun landscaping ideas, this site has a few good considerations.

Just because the weather is more frigid does not mean you should neglect your yard. In fact, there are many advantages to the cooler weather. Make the outside of your home as beautiful as the colors nature has bestowed upon us. The holidays are a wonderful time to decorate the outside of your home, and spread some cheer to the neighborhood. Landscaping your lawn, taking care of small lawn projects, and preparing your home will go a long way in making lawn shine in the spring.