Processed Carbohydrates Can Aid In Colon Cancer Occurrence

The current lifestyle along with unhealthy food habits is causing a major rise in various diseases and bodily conditions. Rather than eating wholesome healthy meals, we are indulging in high calorie fast food. Hectic schedules, busy lifestyle and unhealthy eating all contribute to an increasing number of cancer risks.
Processed Carbohydrates Can Aid In Colon Cancer Occurrence
In the US, there has been a steady growth in people being detected for colon cancer. According to statistics, more than 150, 000 people are being diagnosed with colon cancer every year. Most of these incidences can be avoided if people indulge in healthier diet. Other lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive intake of alcohol and using products containing harmful chemicals, too should regulated in order to b able to safeguard one’s self from growing cancer risk.

Colon Cancer Risk
Prior studies show that colon cancer risk can be decreased by following a low glycemic diet which does not have hydrogenated fats and low heat cooking methods. Dana Faber Cancer Institute researchers have determined that those who have survived colon cancer but have a diet that consists of food rich in carbohydrate and complex sugars, are most likely to experience return of colon cancer than those patients who have a balanced diet.

In a study first of its kind, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers examined the effects of diet on the chances of the diseases recurrence. Researchers found that by consuming a high-carbohydrate diet, it posses potential hazard for those patients who are already suffering from colon cancer. Dr. Jaffrey Meyerhardt, the study author, commented that the study mainly supports the notion that diet can impact the development of colon cancer and that thus patients and their healthcare practitioner must keep this aspect in mind while formulating their post-treatment plans.

Previous studies have shown that survivors of colorectal cancer whose diet as well as their activity patterns lead to excessive insulin amounts in the blood had a higher risk of recurrence of the cancer as well as death due to the condition. Diets which are high in refined carbohydrates as well as sugary foods trigger insulin levels which feed the cancer cells. Western diet is marked by high intake of fats, refined grains, meat and sugar based deserts; this triples the chances of colon cancer recurrence.

In the study, researchers reviewed and analyzed the diet of 1,011 patients suffering from colon cancer. They tracked the total consumption of carbohydrates and also the glycemic index of all the food that was consumed. Later, every patient was analyzed personally for establishing a relationship between the diet and the recurrence of colon cancer. It was found that those participants who had high glycemic load and high carbohydrate intake were 80% more at risk of colon cancer recurrence or even death as compared to those with lower levels. Over a course of years, the growth of colon cancer gets affected by the intake of highly processed carbohydrates.

Dr. Meyerhardt concludes that high glycemic load stimulates the production of insulin in the body which in turn increases the cell proliferation and prevents the natural cell death process in cancer cells which have metastasized from its original site. Cancer lines develop and grow over a course of time, sometimes several years, until they become a tumor. At such a time, diets high in processed carbohydrates break down into dietary sugars rapidly which fuels cancer cell growth. By eliminating carbohydrates, dietary sugars and trans fats can help to lower the risk of colon cancer significantly.

As mentioned earlier, it is important that people realize how much their diet can affect their health conditions. By choosing healthier options, people can ensure a better life which is not burdened by diseases.

Cancer is on an all time rise, thus people need to take proper measures in order to avoid its manifestation or recurrence. The above study is a proof of how unhealthy diet we consume in present day and how altering it will save our lives.

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