Protecting The Family: 5 Resources In Today’s World To Keep Your Family Safe

Security has become a major concern in the world today due to the rising crime rates. Crime has evolved with the introduction of new methods and technology. As such, security experts have seen to it that the security industry develops better resources that will counter this crime development. The home and family are some of the first areas that need protection. People can now protect their families with the use of these simple and effective methods.

Home Surveillance

Home surveillance entails the installation of wireless cameras at strategic areas of the home such as the fence and backyard. The video cameras have become affordable to almost everyone due to the evolution of technology. The videos from these devices can be viewed from anywhere, as long as one has the IP address and can access the internet.

Mobile Apps

Domestic safety has become compromised to a large extent due to the growing prevalence of technology, especially smartphones and internet. It has become easier than ever for criminals that operate through online channels to target and trap us, especially our kids, through deception and other malicious tools. While we may have learned to walk cautiously in cyber space, our kids can be pretty reckless and easily fall prey to the devious tactics deployed by cybercriminals. One of the most effective ways for countering this risk is to install a parental control on their smartphones and restrict access to websites that are notorious for inadequate protection against malicious elements. It’s the safest option as it creates a digital fence around kids, protecting kids from potentially dangerous areas on the web.


A GPS system makes good use of a transmitter and a receiver. These systems can be installed on items that need to be tracked such as cars and bikes. The signals transmitted to the receiver will inform you of the location of the person being tracked. For cars and bikes, they can tell you the speed at which someone is traveling. These devices enable stolen cars to be tracked. It is used in abduction cases and in tracking movement of family members in unprotected areas.

Alarm System

Alarm systems do not assure you of protection against attacks, they just ensure that the attack will not take place as intended. When alarms go off, they alert the police near one’s location who are then able to get to the scene. However, their response might be a bit slow, thus allowing intruders to escape. Alarm systems tend to scare intruders, and in the event that they proceed with their plan, they will not be able to execute it effectively since the alarm will go off.

Safe Vehicles

Because most of our lives revolve around personal transportation, vehicle safety is paramount to family safety. A good measure of the safety of vehicles is the 5-Star Safety Ratings system of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These ratings actually measure beyond the federal guidelines to show you which cars perform best in accidents and accident-avoidance. If the worst happens and you find yourself injured in an auto accident through no fault of your own, you may need the help of personal injury lawyers like those with Bronson Jones & Co in Vancouver to get the money you need to cover hospital services.


Guns are good, but they tend to cause more harm than good in emergency situations. In the event of an attack against the family at home, you can use tasers to incapacitate intruders effectively.

The most notable thing about these resources is that they assure users of personal protection without causing extra harm to themselves.