Providing A Safe Play Area: 6 Cool Backyard Play Magnets

If you have kids, they probably love to play outside. Did you know there are six cool backyard play magnets that can be designed to keep your kids safe? Try these tricks to make your kids happy as they play safely in the backyard.

A Fence Surprise

If your kids are going to stay safe while they play in the backyard, make sure your backyard is fenced in completely. This keeps your kids out of the dangerous street and keeps wild animals out of the yard as well. To make the fence a fun backyard play magnet, the experts from Northern California Fence Co. say to add a low bench across one stretch of the fence. This can be used as a kids’ picnic table for snacks or lunch, or your kids can use it for outdoor art projects or playing almost anything! All your kids have to do is bring their favorite chairs.

Playground Safety

Your kids are probably most attracted to the playground structure in your yard, which might include the swing set and slide. To keep your kids safe on this play magnet, add a layer of rubber mulch underneath the swing set. This gives kids a much softer landing pad in case they do fall.

Providing a Safe Play Area- 6 Cool Backyard Play Magnets

Keeping Safe in the Pool

A perfect play magnet for kids is a pool in the backyard. However, they can be dangerous. To keep your kids safe, install a pool alarm. The pool alarm will sound any time something breaks the surface of the water, which can alert you that someone has fallen into the pool if you aren’t outside with the kids. This device can be a life saver.

No Harm from Trampolines

Another play magnet for kids is a trampoline. If you decide to buy one, make sure you also buy the safety net that goes with it. This will keep your kids from falling off the sides of the trampoline as they jump, flip, and giggle in delight.

Water Tables

A water table is another play magnet for children. However, if these aren’t properly drained each night, they become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and could even attract snakes. The best way to stay safe with this toy is to buy one with a drain. Keep it on your deck, so you can inspect it before each use.

Sports Central

Kids also flock to a basketball goal. The trick to keeping this area safe is to make sure the hoop is adjusted to the right height for the age group using it. If your kids are really competitive, you can add a soft sports mat under the goal, which will keep them safe if they fall.

You can make sure your kids are safe while they play in the backyard. You just need to prepare the space before they play.