Ready For Spring Cleaning? 7 Tips To Clean Your Home

The weather is gradually warming up and it’s time to invest in spring cleaning. You may not have hours to dedicate to scrubbing the home, but the good news is that you don’t have to. Here are some smart spring cleaning tips to help you handle this chore more efficient and effective.

Focus on One Chore at a Time

Working on the whole house is overwhelming, but you can easily break the chore into smaller tasks. Clean all of the windows one day. Another day, you might focus on the rugs. Remember to spend some time polishing the wood furniture to leave everything gleaming.

Use Fresh Air to Your Advantage

Nothing makes the home smell better than fresh air, so make the most of it. If you have area rugs that can be rolled up and taken outside, then clean them in the driveway. You can vacuum and even steam clean them on the large surface, and then let the sunshine dry the fibers and leave them fresh. Do the same with welcome mats and entry rugs. You should also note that you can take your rugs to be cleaned a companies like Spokane Rug Cleaning.

Ready For Spring Cleaning? 7 Tips To Clean Your Home

Treat the Upholstery

This is a great time to give your upholstery the spa treatment. Use the vacuum to clean off the fabric. Mix a safe cleaning solution by whisking a few drops of dish detergent into water. Use the suds to clean the material, and then rinse them away with a damp rag.

Look Under, Over, and All Around

A general rule of thumb is to work around a room in a circle moving from top to bottom. This allows you to clean the tops of picture and door frames. Remember to move hanged pictures to clean behind them, and shift the furniture to clean underneath it. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to get baseboards and return air vents.

This is the Time to Wax

If you have hard flooring surfaces, this is a good time to wax and protect the floors. Use sealants on natural stones and special wax on other surfaces. The protective finish will leave everything shining, and you’ll have a protective layer going into the new year.

Look at Light Fixtures

Your light fixtures gather an incredible amount of dust throughout the year. They should be cleaned on a regular basis, and this is a great time to give them a little extra attention. Remove globes and rinse them, wipe dust off ceiling fan blades, and polish the hardware.

Remember the Appliances

Your appliances last longer when they’re clean. Take the time to pull your refrigerator out and clean the coils, vacuum out the lint trap in your dryer and give your stove a good scrubbing. Everything will last longer, and you’ll love how clean the house is.

As you’re spring cleaning the home, you’ll also want to do some purging. You’ll naturally find items that you no longer need or use. Rather than putting them back into place, give them away or sell them. When the spring cleaning is done, your home will be clean, organized and fresh.